Jake Hoot managed to win season 17 of The Voice with trainer Kelly Clarkson. Find out more about Jake’s career and personal life since winning the show.

Country singer Jake Hoot won The voice season 17 after being coached by Kelly Clarkson, and fans are curious what he’s been up to since. Jake entered season 17 of The voice as a 30-year-old aspiring singer from Cookeville, Tennessee. Interestingly, Jake’s performance in Luke Combs’s “When It Rains It Pours” Blind Audition only got one coach to turn his red chair for him: Kelly Clarkson. That huge vote of confidence was just the beginning of what became a very successful partnership between Jake and Kelly on the show.

Jake Hoot stayed true to Team Kelly Clarkon throughout the competition. During the course of the season, Jake impressed the coaches after winning the battle against Steve Knill by performing the powerful ballad “Always On My Mind.” In the Knockouts round, Jake’s performance of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” also prevailed. Then in the Playoffs, audiences voted to keep Jake Hoot in the competition after seeing his performance in Reba McEntire’s “You Lie.” When it comes to live shows, Jake performed “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins, “Every Light In The House” by Trace Adkins, “That Ain’t My Truck” by Rhett Akins, “Desperado” by the Eagles and Lonestar “Amazed”.

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Unfortunately, as they say on the show, winning The voice it’s just the first step in an artist’s career, and Jake Hoot seems to be well aware of it. Since winning season 17, Jake has worked tirelessly to grow as an artist. While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic placed a great burden on emerging musicians who depend on live concerts to make money, Jake has still recorded a myriad of remote appearances where he was able to showcase his talent and new music. He was also very active in his Instagram, where he now has more than 71,000 followers. In 2021, Jake Hoot released a new song featuring none other than his The voice coach Kelly Clarkson. The song is called “I would have Loved You” and its music video already has 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Jake’s PostThe voice Life has also taken a romantic turn, as the country singer married Brittney Hoot in March 2021. Many songs from her latest EP, “Love Out Of Time,” have already outgrown their The voice performances when it comes to numbers on Spotify. For example, Jake’s duet with Kelly Clarkson has over 660,000 listens on Spotify, which is a very impressive number. All things considered, it’s clear that Jake Hoot has been working hard since winning the show and has a brilliant 2021 ahead of him.

Jake Hoot was Kelly Clarkson’s most recent apprentice to win The voice, which means the coach is now hungry for another victory under her belt. The team Kelly has assembled so far in season 20 is pretty impressive, so he may have a chance to win again.

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The voice Season 20 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET / PT on NBC.

Source: Jake Hoot’s Instagram

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