Currently, there is no way to transport minerals through portals, which can complicate crafting and construction. So when will the portals allow the ore to pass through?

In just over a month, Valheim it has skyrocketed in popularity. Although it is still only available through Steam Early Access, Valheim has received a lot of attention for the excellent way he handles crafting and building in the game. Iron Gate Studio, the developers behind Valheim, have worked on revisions and other improvements to the game since its launch, with several major updates expected throughout 2021. It has been speculated that one of these changes could be the way portals and ore work. So shall Valheim ‘Have portals allowed players to transport minerals?

Portals are an easy (and often vital) way to get around ValheimEnvironments of. Once players have created a portal, it can be used to teleport them. It certainly makes you move From Valheim Massive map much easier, and portals can be used in the players’ home to essentially create a fast travel system. However, certain items cannot be used in portals, including ore.

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This can be quite frustrating, as the ore is precious and the inability to move it through the portals can be a bummer. If players have any ore in their inventory, they will not be allowed to use the portal. Instead, they have to find other creative ways to develop supply lines. Players have wanted these portal restrictions to change so much that there is an unrestricted Portals mod, which allows players to transport restricted items through portals in Valheim. Although it is completely unofficial, it does allow fans a way around this more annoying game mechanic.

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Will portal restrictions ever change in Valheim?

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any change in the way portals and ore work in the short term, if they ever do. Richard Svensson, Iron Gate Studio CEO, was asked about minerals and portals on Twitter recently, to which he replied “I’m not sure why people think [sic] we are going to allow the ore in the teleports. there are no plans for that. ” This perhaps put an end to the earlier rumors about the portal and the mineral once and for all, even though fans and various online sites seemed to think it was a done deal.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that it will never happen. Iron Gate Studio provides regular updates to Valheim, so the portal restriction changes could occur at a later date. However, for now, it appears that there are no current plans to make these changes, which can be daunting for fans hoping to bring ore through portals in Valheim.

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Source: Richard Svensson / Twitter

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