GI Joe is as much a beloved franchise as Transformers, but it’s been years since the Joes had a new animated series.

For decades, the G.I. Joe The brand has gone through many iterations while adapting to the ever-changing world around it. Initially, the brand started as a series of 12-inch dolls depicting various members of the military and their different roles. However, as the ’80s began to venture further into science fiction, true American heroes adapted to the times.

Some of the world’s most iconic cartoons were made in the 1980s, including shows like Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats Y My Little Pony. What made these shows stand out was a massive brand-linked merchandising boom. For the first time, children can take home the adventures of their favorite cartoon heroes. However, as superheroes have saturated the market, these brands began to take a back seat, especially G.I. Joe. But that needs to change, and the world needs the Joes now more than ever.

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the G.I. Joe toyline is quietly making a comeback thanks to Hasbro, which now features six-inch figures that add to the lore of the universe. Very similar The man Y TransformersIts returning toy lines have sparked a resurgence in interest that has even spawned new animated shows. Fortunately, the Joes have thrived through the comics, which takes the characters much more seriously. The same should be done with a new animated series.

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When recalling a classic franchise, it can sometimes be difficult to find inspiration or a new thread to pull. However, with the G.I. Joe The comics are still running, we already have a great template that the show can adapt. The series can tell its own narrative while borrowing some of the book’s most iconic stories, such as the silent theme of Snake Eyes. Considering how the world has changed since your last animated series, you could grow up with your audience and discuss the dangerous world of international politics and how things aren’t always black and white.

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International issues would also provide a great opportunity for the team to travel around the world. This would help the audience learn about different cultures and the team members who represent them. New Joes could also be featured alongside long-forgotten members who will help diversify the cast even more than it already is.

A new animated series is also a great way to reintroduce the COBRA terrorist organization. Through violent acts of domestic terrorism, COBRA could create situations that shake people’s confidence in the Joes, as modern political thrillers often do. Plus, it could lead to intense character-driven moments that would appeal to more mature viewers. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix are already handling these revamped ’80s classics, so there’s a potential avenue to go down, in case a show gets the green light.

Sadly, the only new content confirmed for the franchise is a new Snake Eyes film that will be released sometime this year. Not much is known about the film, but it will surely reimagine the classic. G.I. Joe story surrounding the character. Hopefully, the movie’s hype will force the creators to revisit America’s covert special mission force and reintroduce its characters to a whole new audience.

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