In the latest issue of DC Comics Batman, the Dark Knight presents a much better solution for his new Batcave in Gotham City.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman # 106.

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ bat Man, the Dark Knight has found a much better solution for his Batcave and the risks it poses. Bruce Wayne no longer lives in Wayne Manor, as he now lives in a house in Gotham City proper. This means that it no longer has its headquarters located below the mansion. Instead, Batman has come up with a clever solution that solves a huge mistake he made once in the past.

One of the biggest problems with the Batcave was the fact that Batman always returned to the same place every night after his patrol. While he no doubt took precautions to ensure that he was not traced back to his secret base of operations, it was only a matter of time before one of his enemies finally discovered where the Dark Knight hung his cape and hood. This came to light in the Death of the family history, which saw Joker taking advantage of this fact and threatening the lives of the entire Bat Family, as he had long known the Batcave to be. While Batman suspected that the Joker knew, he never told the rest of his family, which was a huge mistake on the Dark Knight’s part.

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More recently, a fundamental point of the Joker War Arc saw the Clown Prince of Crime stealing all of Batman’s resources: his money, his technology, his weapons, his vehicles, and more. As a result, Batman’s crusade against crime is much more low-tech (as evidenced by his degraded Batmobile) and less cash. Batman # 106 by the writer James Tynion IV and the artist Jorge Jiménez. But part of that is intentional. He doesn’t want the same tools meant to protect Gotham to be used to harm her anymore. This is also apparently the reason behind Batman’s decision to create a series of smaller Batcaves throughout Gotham, decentralizing the resources he still has at his disposal.


Now that Batman is building a series of smaller bases around the city, it wouldn’t be so bad if one of them was compromised or discovered by one of his enemies. Seeing that he will have other mini-caves to use, Batman will have it much easier to destroy one of them if necessary, preventing any of them from falling into the wrong hands. Likewise, even if one of the bases is found, Batman’s already limited arsenal will be nowhere in its entirety, as was the case with the ancient Batcave.

This definitely seems like a smarter move for Batman, and it’s indicative of the strides he’s making in being a better caped crusader, just as he promised the recently deceased Alfred he would. Batman has also started to rely more on his allies, rather than massive amounts of weapons and technology. Having mini-caves should generate an interesting new dynamic. Maybe each cave has a different purpose for Batman’s needs? Will any of them still have their giant penny and their T.Rex robot? Fans will have to wait and see as James Tynion IV bat Man The series continues from DC Comics.

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