Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes tries to dig deeper with Second Door, but it’s actually quite problematic for the LGBTQ community, women, and minorities.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes, which is now streaming on Netflix.

On Netflix Behind your eyes, the series revealed a shocking secret in its final episodes. Adele wasn’t acting like herself because she’s really rob, who used astral projection to jump into her body and kill Adele’s soul after they changed bodies in an experiment. After the soul exchange, Rob married her husband, David, who felt that something was wrong with his wife. The whole plot revolved around something that Rob called the Second Gate, but there is a big problem with its use as a storytelling tool.

When we see Rob’s diary in the future on bending dreams to create a world of paradise, little do we know that he is still alive and manipulating everyone. During the time Rob and Adele were in rehab years ago, he came up with a mental trick to overcome the terrors of sleep. Adele updated it using her own ability to astral project. She devised a method, the First Gate, to eliminate nightmares by creating a utopia in their minds. But the Second Gate allowed people’s souls to leave their bodies, travel to places they already knew, and also possess bodies of those who were astrally projected.

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The problem is that Rob is a gay man, so killing Adele plays on the damaging stereotype that members of the LGBTQ community are violent. Behind your eyes it also paints him as a drug addict whose family hates him because he is gay, and the only way out of his bad situation is to literally steal the life of a woman, her man, and her money. As Adele, Rob then ignites David’s gas, keeping him a mental prisoner and threatening to reveal him as an accessory in dumping Rob’s corpse.

behind your eyes

Somehow it seems that the series made Rob gay just to demonize him, which is problematic, especially in England where there is high anti-LGBTQ sentiment, with all sorts of unsavory and unjustified stigmas. Painting Rob as a predator and aggressor does more harm than good. Combining this with the idea that a junkie cannot recover and has to kill to succeed in this world, it seems that the character is not nuanced or developed with an open mind. Not to mention, even like Adele, Rob still uses heroin despite having the dream life he murdered for.

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Essentially, Rob is just a ball of predictable villain tropes. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliterally using a woman’s body, taking away her agency, is definitely problematic. The fact that David also has to secretly drug “Adele” to keep her at bay makes it even worse because, although the show explores the dangers of manipulation and control, there is a fine line between gaslighting, emotional abuse and slavery.

As the story progresses, Rob decides possess Lou’s body and marry David when he fears she will take “her husband.” Metaphorically, Rob is a white man who steals a black woman’s life, love interest, and child in 2021. Lou’s “rubbing” on Adele’s body is deaf and off the mark. again. In this day and age, such skewed stories of privilege and hoax really have to be properly scrutinized on the court floor if they are not to be degrading and disrespectful towards marginalized people fighting for proper representation.

Behind Her Eyes Season 1, starring Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, Simona Brown, Robert Aramayo and Tyler Howitt, is now available on Netflix.

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