The fifth episode of CBS’s Clarice proves that Agent Starling’s boss was right when he said that the main character was unfit to work for the FBI.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Clarice Season 1, Episode 5, “Get Right With God.”

Early on CBS ‘ ClariceIt appears that Agent Starling’s (Rebecca Breeds) boss, Paul Krendler, hates her for succeeding in the Buffalo Bill case. As a vet, he was overshadowed by the rookie who walked in alone and managed to knock Bill down, rescuing his last possible victim, Catherine, in The silence of the lambs.

He’s especially resentful of her working with him on the FBI’s VICAP team in Baltimore as they track down a new string of murders. However, if the latest episode of the show proves anything, it’s that he’s right in having deemed her unfit for duty after she escapes again and nearly loses her life.

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When Clarice spoke to him about why he doesn’t trust her, she admitted that it’s her ego that worries her. She is reckless and doesn’t care about the safety of others, and once she gets the job done, she thinks everything is fine and fine. In truth, it should be all about teamwork, leaving her going to the media to say it’s a conspiracy and not a new serial killer on the block is just another red flag that embitters their relationship. However, when they finally begin to overcome everything, recognizing that unity is the key with a shadowy cabal working them, Clarice backs off and goes after Marilyn, a doctor linked to the drug trial in question. And once again, she leaves no clues and doesn’t contact anyone on her team, which leaves her to end up as Marilyn’s prisoner.

Clarice was wrong to go solo because not only are they spending enormous resources to track her down, a needle in a haystack, but she could also have been mined for information on the current VICAP case. Also, Marilyn nearly kills Paul and Ardelia and then takes her own life in front of them, meaning that thanks to Clarice not informing anyone of a suspect, they lose their only lead.

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As for Clarice, after being drugged and hallucinating her dead father, Buffalo Bill, and his moths, she is mentally broken. To make matters worse, Clarice saw Marilyn kill a patient in her hospital prison only to blackmail her and nearly killed her comatose sister, Luanne, as a distraction to escape.

All of this trauma is why Clarice will have to go back to therapy when the show resumes, although at this point even her friend Ardelia knows Clarice is a wild card they can’t risk. He constantly puts everyone in danger, proving that Paul was correct in his claim that he shouldn’t even be behind a desk.

Starring Rebecca Breeds, Michael Cudlitz, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow, Lucca De Oliveira, Devyn A. Tyler, and Marnee Carpenter, Clarice will return on April 1 and air Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET / PT on CBS.

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