Everybody Hates Chris gets an animated reboot on CBS. Chris Rock will retell the series but there is no more news about the cast.

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Term confirms that an anime Everybody hates Chris The animated reboot is currently in development. Rock will narrate the reboot as he did the original series, but not much is known about the cast yet. The series is currently in the works on CBS, but has yet to receive an official green light.

Rochelle Rock (Everybody hates Chris)

While Everybody hates Chris He may not have had a legendary career on television, he was loved by many and remained popular when he was picked up by Nick at Nite after he went off the air. The show certainly feels relevant to today’s world. It comes shortly after the Black Lives Matter movement and the push for diverse representation and social change. It also had a social impact during its original run, as it was an obvious parody of Everybody loves Raymond. The transition to an animated series will also add a new and unique tone to the beloved sitcom. And with Rock still attached, the upcoming reboot is sure to make a laugh just like the original did.

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Source: Deadline

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