Eri’s Rewind is formidable as a combative Quirk in My Hero Academia. But it could be even more powerful if you used it solely for healing purposes.

The last battle between the heroes and villains resulted in many casualties (and even deaths) on both sides in the My hero academia manga – not to mention Shigaraki’s escape once more. But something good came of it: Lemillion’s triumphant return. Mirio had lost his Quirk in his battle with Overhaul, and while he had faith that he could still become a great hero without him, we knew that one of UA’s goals was to hone Eri’s abilities enough that she could help him get your Quirk back.

And she did just that: Eri not only brought back Mirio’s Quirk, but she also brought some hope for the heroes. Also, if Eri can master her Gift, she could be a real force to be reckoned with in future battles, especially as a source of healing.

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Eri is unlikely to ever use her Quirk for combative reasons, so it makes more sense for her to play a supporting role as a healer. Unlike Recovery Girl, which can speed up the body’s natural healing process, Eri’s Gift, Rewind, is not a healing power in the conventional sense, but allows people to return to a previous state. This allows you to heal wounds and reverse the physical changes that the body undergoes.

His Quirk is also the type that has to accumulate power. We saw an example of her potential as a healer when Midoriya was fighting Overhaul. There was absolutely no way he could have hit him without dying if he hadn’t had Eri. Midoriya had so much faith in Eri’s abilities, believing that her Quirk was truly a blessing, that he felt confident enough to enter Full Cowling at 100%. As a result, he suffered no injuries while Eri used her Quirk and was able to do her best. But, in his haste to take down Overhaul, he didn’t realize that Eri’s grip on his power was still fragile. By the time he did, it was almost too late, until Aizawa intervened.

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Eri’s gift has the potential to return people to their previous state, but it is extremely volatile: she once accidentally ‘rewound’ her father to the point where he did not exist. We also saw how dangerously powerful she could be when Chisaki assembled her Quirk so she could create a Quirk-free society. Thus, a counterargument can be made for her to simply be a supporting hero, as her destructive potential makes Eri a formidable foe in battle. But there are several reasons why this would not work.

For one thing, his control over his Quirk at this time is unpredictable, and although he healed Mirio and he regained his Quirk, it is unclear how in control he is or if it is replicable at this time. After all, he had been experimenting with lizards and insects for two months before testing it on Mirio. Second, due to his time with Chisaki and the nature of his father’s death, he always thought his Quirk was a curse; that his very existence was cursed.

Watching Mirio and Midoriya risk their lives to protect her scared her more than anything else, leaving her feeling overwhelmed with guilt and self-hatred. Her time at UA, having friends, and having Aizawa as her tutor / teacher, has helped her with her deep-seated psychological trauma, but there is a strong possibility that if she were asked to use her Quirk to fight, it would be extremely triggering. . It’s doubtful that even if she trains herself to the point where she has full control over Rewind, she will never truly be free from that fear.

Using your Quirk for healing purposes will help with some of your trauma. Instead of using Rewind to hurt people, you can reverse people’s state to the point where they were never hurt in the first place. When he used Rewind on Mirio, he was crying because he was so happy that he could save the hero he saved its. Thanks to Midoriya’s encouragement and with Lemillion back in action, Eri can finally see that her Quirk is not a curse but a blessing, which sets her on the path to becoming Recovery Girl 2.0 in the future.

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