The new Weather Week event is coming to Pokémon GO next week, with a new Pokémon variant, exclusive cosmetics, and bigger weather-enhanced rewards.

Weather Week is a new event that comes to Pokemon go, being the first to bring Castform’s shiny and rainy form along with variants of other rainy weather prone Pokémon to the game. Pokemon go It’s never shied away from in-game events, but it’s interesting to see that developer Niantic still introduces new types of events to the mobile ARG routine five years later.

Pokemon go It has gone from being a lightweight mobile novelty that mocked the universal fantasy of being a Pokémon Trainer live. But since its launch, the game has been continually updated and added to create a viable multiplayer game that has plenty to do for a variety of players. Features like battles, trade, events, research tasks, and a vastly expanded list of creatures to collect have made Pokemon go a meaty experience for those looking to catch them all.

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According to Niantic, the first event of the Week of Time will take place from March 24 to 29. The limited-time weather celebration will make the most commonly encountered Pokémon during real-world rainy days appear more frequently. It also marks the arrival of the Shiny Rainy version of the weather Pokémon Castform, and the equally apt Therian Forme Thunderous will appear in 5-star Raid Battles. Timed field research assignments will also be added, as well as exclusive cosmetics.

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The new event will join a solid rotation of ever-changing content that Niantic is in and out of the game on a regular basis. These provide reasons to return to the game regularly, with new and different forms of Pokémon being the strongest draw in Pokemon goarsenal of. Niantic also uses these routine patches to continue adding new features to the game, which might one day even include support for Microsoft Hololens.

Pokemon go continues to deliver an increasingly authentic mobile Pokémon experience layered under fun and shreddable multiplayer gameplay. Players have until the end of March to take advantage of the ongoing Season of Legends event taking place at the same time as Weather Week. This month-long season saw new forms of existing Legends along with new Mega Evolutions being added to the game. This was just one of many major events that Niantic has added to the game in recent years, keeping the game fresh and new for both novice and veteran gamers.

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Pokemon go it is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Niantic

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