The cinematic trailer is a delight for longtime movie and video game fans.


In an exciting twist to the newly released Fortnite Season 6, Variety has now revealed that the director duo Anthony and Joe Russo from the Avengers franchise directed the action-packed cinematic trailer. Beyond being a free multiplayer experience, Fortnite is proud to present a rich tradition with each new season. This time around it’s no different, and they enlisted acclaimed filmmakers to help tell their story.

the Cherry The directors shared that they worked closely with Epic’s creative director. Donald mustard guiding a character-driven story for Season 6, beyond the trailer: “The Epic team has been fantastic to work with. Fortnite occupies a unique place in pop culture, and we believe Donald Mustard is a visionary storyteller who continues taking us all into uncharted territory. ”


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Mustard himself explained why season 6 is so pivotal to Fortnite and their ever-expanding tradition while praising the Russians as the perfect choice to help achieve their ambitious plans:

“The Zero Crisis Finale is a watershed moment for what comes next in the evolving experience of the island and Chapter 2 of the game. When we were presenting the story for Season 5 and Season 6, we wanted to tell it in a really authentic, character-driven way, and we knew there was no one better to help us do that than the Russos. ”

The cinematic trailer is a delight for longtime movie and video game fans as it fuses iconic characters from both mediums to populate Jonesy (Troy baker) travel around the map. As the Fortnite The protagonist goes to Zero Point, he finds himself Linda HamiltonSarah Conner and Sigourney weaverRipley in a very satisfying rhythm of action that will drive fans crazy, not to mention the Predator, God of Warit’s Kratos, Street Fighterit’s Ryu, and Aura’The Master Chief also makes blink cameos and you miss it.

You can hang out with your friends and try Fortnite Season 6 right now. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the ending of Chapter 2 “Zero Crisis” below:

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