Journey to the grim world of There Is No Light, a terrifying action adventure in which a hero must face unspeakable horrors to save his only son.

With Dark souls Y Bloodborne Developer FromSoftware is keeping quiet about their next tough action game, Elden Ring, many fans are turning to indie games to provide the level of brutal action that the Soulslike genre so cleverly delivers. A game that fans of Dark souls you should definitely be aware of the upcoming action adventure game from developer Zelart, There is no light.

There is no light is a brutal top-down action game set in a grim world where players will have to fight frantically to survive. Players must learn to be fast and efficient in combat, to face the difficult level of challenge of the game, and to survive battles against hideous monsters and bosses that lurk in the shadows.

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The tone and setting of There is no light it will feel familiar to Dark souls players as it takes place in a world devastated by a mysterious catastrophe. Forced into hiding, the last remnants of humanity made their way to the Church of the Great Hand, becoming fanatics resigned to the underground ruins of the old world.

The people of this underground society blindly follow their new god, The Great Hand. Every few years, chosen newborns are sacrificed to be carried beyond the gates of the Sanctuary, a terrifying world of horror filled with monsters. When his son is chosen as a sacrifice, a man takes up arms to save his son, venturing into the hostile world to try to open the doors and save his baby.

There is no light is designed around this grim aesthetic, and the world the player must explore is a ruined maze filled with unspeakable horrors waiting to strike. The game features a beautiful pixel-art style that combines otherworldly horror with Gothic architecture in an effective way. The hero must explore a ruined world where once grand promenades and exquisite courtyards are now in disrepair and ruins. The hallways are filled with hideous eyeball-filled biomass growths, and the thrones now sport skeletons of nameless creatures. The art style and appearance of the game are effective and set a melancholic tone, much like the Dark souls games.

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There is no lightThe game is challenging and fast-paced. The unique cheat this title brings to the table allows players to instantly switch between a handful of weapons to fluently create furious combos. Players must move carefully and quickly, as combat is designed to be a “deadly dance where one mistake can be the last”. It is based on positioning and quick reflexes, as well as the praised style of Bloodborne.

Players must be aggressive to quickly dodge and eliminate a wide variety of terrifying monsters. These include humanoids with scythes that explode into flames, winged, dog-like beasts that dart forward with gnashing sharp teeth, and puddles of disgusting guts that glide across the ground. There is no light offers players four different weapon types, which can be combined with a variety of special abilities, such as a quick stabbing attack or a wide arc slash that creates breathing space. The combination of speed and versatile attacks makes the game’s combat a pleasant pleasure.

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There is no light It is also designed to be a non-linear experience for players to explore, allowing them to take on bosses in the order they are found. This is a lot like the equally grim indie Metroidvania. Blasphemous, which effectively did the same with its side-scrolling action-adventure.

In addition to this freedom, players must navigate both the levels and the karma system. This can affect the difficulty in various ways depending on the player’s interaction with various NPCs. The gameplay in There is no light it can be made much easier or much more difficult depending on the player’s actions.

The combination of nefarious and non-linear action and karma makes There is no light an action-adventure title worth checking out for fans of grim and horror aesthetics. For players who demand a terrible challenge, There is no light has a demo available right now on Steam that features two locations and a giant boss to take on. The game does not have a specific release date, but it is scheduled to be released later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

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