This Time Next Year is a makeover show hosted by Cat Deeley that was based on a hit UK series, but will the Lifetime remake return for season 2?

Will Lifetime’s Unique Makeover Series Around this time next year come back for season 2 or has it come to an end? Around this time next year is a concept that originated in the UK, with ex Older brother host Davina McCall hosting the show. The format sees McCall speak to a variety of people with a specific goal in mind, which could range from losing weight, starting a new career, learning to walk again, and many other personal milestones. The unique aspect of the series is that it is filmed for a year, so after someone walks away to “start” their challenge, they reappear moments later through another door revealing their transformation and then talking about how their lives have changed. .

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Around this time next year created for nice and enjoyable entertainment and ran for three seasons. There was also an Australian version of the show led by Karl Stefanovic, while the This time next time yeahThe designated host for the Lifetime version was Cat Deeley (So, you think you can dance?). It was touted as one of Lifetime’s most promising new shows when it debuted in 2018, where it ran for six episodes.

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Around this time next year ended his career on Lifetime in 2018, but is there any chance that he will return for season 2 or is it over for good?

Lifetime has yet to be renewed this time next year

this time next year lifetime series

Next Around this time next year wrapping up its initial six episodes, there has been little to no sign that it will be renewed for a second season. The format itself appears to have fallen out of favor, as the UK and Australian versions came to an end in 2019. It’s worth noting that Lifetime has not been officially canceled. Around this time next yearBut nothing has been known about a second season since it ended three years ago, which is not an encouraging sign.

This time next year season 2 is unlikely

deeley cat a lifetime this time next year

With a lack of movement in Around this time next year season 2, it seems doubtful that the series will be revived in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic would certainly make filming over the course of a year difficult in the current climate, and it appears the series didn’t really connect with viewers either. There are also a host of other popular makeover shows, so while another season isn’t impossible, it appears that Lifetime isn’t currently interested in producing one.

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