As two of the greatest phenomena of the new millennium, The Twilight saga Y The Hunger Games they share more than a few similarities. They did not exactly coexist, with the first chapter of The Hunger Games released eight months before the final Twilight film. Still, many people filled the void left by Twilight Y Harry Potter with Katniss and company.

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Despite being aimed at a similar demographic, both series feature very different characters. While Panem’s gang is tough, tough, and used to brutal conditions, Forks’s vampires lead more glamorous and haunted lives. Still, some of these characters might find comfort in one another and create lasting romantic bonds. Others, however, would be explosive together and their union would inevitably crumble.

10 It wouldn’t work: Clove and Jacob

Clove in The Hunger Games and Jacob in Breaking Dawn Part 2

It is fair to say that Jacob has very little development in the Twilight saga, despite being one of the main characters. You get older, but not necessarily wiser. In fact, he remains impulsive and slightly immature, even as he becomes stronger and more resilient.

Jacob, however, is neither cruel nor capable of willfully hurting others. Clove, on the other hand, is a literally high professional tribute to the kill. Teenagers Jacob and Clove might be able to explore the idea of ​​a relationship, but it would never work. Jacob would be instantly horrified by Clove’s horrible behavior and put as much distance between them as possible.

9 Would Work: Annie and Jasper

Annie Cresta in Mockingjay Part 1 and Jasper Hale in Eclipse

Despite having a very traumatic and regretful backstory, Jasper still tries to lead a somewhat normal life, even if he can’t get over his mistakes. Annie, for her part, is also haunted by events in her past, which left her struggling mentally and emotionally.

Although both dealing with their own demons, Jasper and Annie could do it together, mainly because they understand what the other is going through. And even though their relationship wouldn’t be easy, they would still find a dynamic that worked for them, even if no one else understood it.

8 Wouldn’t work: Coin & Aro

Alma Coin in Mockingjay Part 1 and Aro in New Moon

President Alma Coin isn’t exactly an open book. A cold, monotonous woman, even Aro would have trouble reading her. These two could perhaps come together out of ambition or out of a shared desire to survive. After all, Aro could play a decisive role in Coin’s rise to power within Panem, and she could provide him with plenty of “food.”

His own selfishness would eventually be his downfall. The two of them would betray each other at the first opportunity, destroying any relationship they built in the first place.

7 It would work: Kate and Haymitch

Kate in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Haymitch in Mockingjay Part 1

An alcoholic resident of District 12, Haymitch is much more than a former victor. He is someone who understands how the system works and knows how to manipulate it without even agreeing with it, a true mentor, albeit unconventional. Kate, a powerful member of the Denali coven, also knows a thing or two about keeping up appearances just for the sake of fitting in.

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These two would have a lot of fun together. They share a very particular sense of adventure that hardly flirts with recklessness. Haymitch would have no problem with her vampirism and would make sure to keep her new lover safe from any threat.

6 It wouldn’t work: Effie and Charlie

Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games and Charlie Swan in Twilight

The extravagant and hulking Effie would feel like a prisoner in the dull, gray and static of Forks, Washington. Her desperation would increase if, in addition to everything, she was also involved with the boring, gray and static Charlie Swan.

It’s not that Charlie is a bad guy, quite the contrary. He’s decent, hard-working, and caring, attributes that could make him a good match. However, he is also quiet, brooding, distant, and expressionless. Effie would try to make it work and even Charlie would make an effort to break out of his shell. However, in the end, their differences would prove too important to overcome and they would part on good terms.

5 Would work: Johanna and Victoria

Johanna Mason in Catching Fire and Victoria in Eclipse

These two would wreak havoc together. Victoria wasn’t necessarily evil before meeting Bella and company, she was just a vampire who indulged her most primal needs with little to no compassion for her victims. Johanna could fit this description too, without the vampire part. In the end, these girls value self-preservation above all else and are willing to do whatever they can to stay alive.

Together, they could rule the world. They would protect each other, travel and explore every corner of the world. Only God knows what fate awaits the poor fool who crosses his path.

4 It wouldn’t work: Bella and Gale

Bella in Twilight and Gale in The Hunger Games

Bella Swan is famous for being an especially bland teenager. She really has no ambitions, it hasn’t been particularly achieved and it seems like she only cares about one thing. Gale shares Bella’s lack of expressiveness, but not her passivity. In fact, Gale is quite angry and envious, traits that make him more reckless.

Gale might be attracted to Bella, but after a while he got annoyed at her stillness. Similarly, Gale’s brutal ways would repel Bella and all the charm would end after a couple of weeks, even days. These two just wouldn’t agree on anything.

3 It would work: Emmett and Finnick

Emmett Cullen in Twilight and Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

What’s better than a himbo? A couple, of course. Emmett and Finnick are brave, brave, loyal, and beautiful to look at. Sure, they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but they will always go out of their way to support their friends and loved ones.

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They are also skilled and capable fighters, but prefer to avoid fighting when possible. Instead, they would surely go camping and hiking adventures, before taking a dip in the ocean. Their relationship would be equal parts friendship and love story, which means that they would have everything to go to the end.

two It wouldn’t work: Katniss and Edward

Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Edward Cullen in Twilight

Simply put, Edward Cullen would drive Katniss Everdeen crazy. He has the calm and understanding nature that she lacks, which could cause her to give the relationship a chance. Soon, however, he regretted his decision.

Edward is not only stoic and compassionate, but also needy, clingy, possessive, brooding, and extremely stubborn. He would do his best to keep Katniss “safe”, which would only drive her further away. These two would end up annoying each other so much that their relationship would end by mutual agreement, with neither of them being interested in trying to remain friends.

1 Would work: Bella and Peeta

Bella Swan in New Moon and Peeta Mellark in Catching Fire

Unlike her potential relationship with Gale, Bella could make things work with the sweet and unassuming Peeta Mellark. They are both naive and trusting, perhaps too much for their own good. They are also kind, tough, and surprisingly tough, willing to die for their loved ones.

Both would give too much in the relationship and others could take advantage of them. However, they would still find a way to be happy, without thinking about what others think. The crucial part of your relationship is your willingness to express your emotions and live your love freely. Honestly, they both deserve a win.

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