With Star Wars progressing refreshingly well in their franchise redemption arc afterSkywalker Saga So far, the video game department looks like it will see some flourishing in the near future. While The mandalorian continued its acclaimed run throughout its second season, and a host of other television series set for Disney +, EA’s publishing exclusivity rights are finally coming to an end, allowing other publishers / developers to have an opportunity in Star Wars.

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Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced that a story-based open-world game is in the works and reports suggest that the beloved Knights of the Old Republic it is configured for a reboot / redo. With the intellectual property released from EA’s shackles, reviving the canceled Star Wars 1313 and checking Command of the Republic and its canned sequel, Imperial Command, they are more in the cards than ever. Here’s why Lucasfilm Games should resurrect the former, while the latter should come first.

10 1313: already looked promising in 2012

Screenshot of the canceled Star Wars 1313 game from E3 2012

Then-LucasArts I had already revealed Star Wars 1313 at E3 2012, and it already looked like a promising triple-A game at the time. The demo shown took a look at a potentially exciting action adventure game with a focus on an original story. At the time it was said that the game would take some influence from the acclaimed Naughty Dog game. Unexplored series, which is a first-class cinematic action-adventure game style.

Also, it would expand to a previous game, Star Wars bounty hunter, in the sense that he would experiment more with device-based combat. Given Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, they stopped production of the game. Reviving those assets and expanding them with PS5 / XSX level hardware would be more than just a facelift in the event of a reboot.

9 Imperial Command: KotOR-like Nostalgia

Promotional art for Star Wars: Republic Commando

While it is much older, Command of the Republic has a lot of nostalgia built in by Star Wars fans in the mid-2000s. It came out shortly after the aforementioned Knights of the Old Republic games, although it is true that it does not have the same impact as those.

That said, it will certainly be a good opportunity to cash in on the nostalgia and also bring back another fan favorite story in the vast. Star Wars universe, especially since it is now not canon due to the Disney acquisition. Though Imperial Command was canceled, you already have the benefit of Command of the Republic already existing, plus getting a re-release this year on PS4 and Switch. This could make it easier to restart this as a series.

8 1313: Boba Fett

Boba Fett in the canceled Star Wars 1313

One of the hooks of the deceased Star Wars 1313 is that the player character was set to be none other than Boba Fett. By this time, Boba Fett had already been a fan-favorite character in the universe despite barely being in the movies and thus long before he was given proper attention in The mandalorian.

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In terms of potential and appearances, it makes sense that playing as an anti-hero bounty hunter in fancy armor would at least be a good game. Essentially, the game would have been a spiritual successor to Bounty hunter and he may have been the first to give Boba the redemption he deserved. It is certainly a unique perspective to play a Star Wars game of, and would surely be welcome now.

7 Imperial Commando: Conventional Tactical Marksman

Star Wars: Republic Commando gameplay

A unique aspect of Command of the Republic that’s how he approached his gender. Specifically, he not only opted for a straightforward first-person shooter, but rather a tactical one. Tactical shooters are not all that common outside of competitive circles today, but a Star Wars I play like this and what Imperial Command could have been would be a great way to do more.

The classic Xbox game, while over 15 years old, had a straightforward, easy-to-use control scheme for basic but engaging tactical commands. Building this on current generation hardware would put an exciting spin on modern shooter games that are typically released year after year.

6 1313 – Coruscant criminal underworld

Boba Fett still from canceled game Star Wars 1313

In addition to potentially playing as Boba Fett, the stage that is being built around him to 1313 it was equally tempting. The story centered on Fett’s early adulthood on Coruscant, the planet that was home to the ancient Jedi Order before the Dark Days of the Imperial government. Specifically, the game’s plot would have centered on the criminal underworld of Coruscant.

On paper, it certainly looks like a match made in heaven for a Fett-centric game set between keys. Skywalker Saga films. It could have allowed for some engaging gameplay mechanics and a fascinating main quest line, all wrapped up in a sci-fi fantasy urban jungle.

5 Imperial Commando: Flesh Out The Story

Screenshot of Delta Squad in Star Wars: Republic Commando

While its future predecessor proved to be an entertaining and successful experience, Command of the Republic it was definitely not a long game. You could definitely argue that it was an effectively concise experience, but developing the story would have been more than welcome. Delta Squad have been brothers in arms (literally and figuratively) their entire lives, so it could have been delved deeper.

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This can be done by redoing Command of the Republic before reliving its possible sequel in Imperial, or just going straight to do the latter. Republic It doesn’t seem to tread on now canonical feet, if at all, so one could argue in favor of keeping the original story intact so as not to waste time rebooting its sequel.

4 1313: Build on the success of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett

Boba Fett in the second season of The Mandalorian, including his post-credits scene

As hinted above, these next few years couldn’t be better for a 1313 Renaissance. As Star Wars is trying to start a new renaissance in its ongoing redemption arc, this game would do well to match the acclaim of The mandalorian besides the next Boba Fett’s book cleave.

Disney + TV in general is the main foreseeable future of live action Star Wars, but Din Djarin in The mandalorian Bounty hunters revitalized for the franchise, including the inclusion of Boba in season two. In the meantime, Boba Fett’s book He seems willing to give her the spotlight that has been intended for years. Depending on what the program covers, 1313 it could still be viable in canon, story wise.

3 Imperial Command: Tackle the Cruel Cliffhanger

Sev in the Republic Commando Delta Squad and the game ends with a cameo from Yoda

In terms of history, Command of the Republic ended up on the cruelest of cliffhangers with Sev disappearing into Kashyyyk, while the rest of the Delta Squad has to continue with their next mission. The game ends when Boss, Scorch and Fixer are informed about their next mission by Grand Master Yoda himself.

It was devastating, and it was clearly done because Imperial Command was planned, doing Imperial CommandThe cancellation is much more bitter. Games got novels written, but it’s not the same as this story started in the gaming space and deserves to end as such.

two 1313: Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment game

Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games announcement of Star Wars and the Division

While Star Wars Escaping EA’s clutches to go to Ubisoft might seem like stepping out of one bear trap only to run into another, the fact that the license isn’t exclusive to anyone is a good thing. Massive Entertainment announced that they are working on a game based on an open world story, and that it could be a good model for a 1313 revival given its track record.

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This is specifically because Massive is the developer behind The division Serie. They started out bumpy but got better with further development, and the premise and style of play might fit. 1313 taking the elements of third person shooting and open sandbox from The division and mixing it with the verticality that Fett’s team could provide on a multilayer Coruscant.

1 Imperial Commando: Wolfenstein & Doom Influences

Cover art for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Doom Eternal

A modern Imperial Command it would come at a good time if he hypothetically kept his first-person perspective. While many of the mainstream shooter games generally pay little attention to the single-player mode and focus on the multiplayer components, other successful triple-A first-person shooter games made great story breakthroughs.

Reboot Wolfenstein Y Condemn Both series use that genre / perspective, but put a lot of focus on their story / single-player elements. Its stories are compelling, while the game retains its thrilling high-octane action without overdoing its welcome. All of these would be great influences for a Star Wars I play as a reboot / remake of Command of the Republic and a risen Imperial Command.

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