The Never Back Down series will continue with the upcoming Never Back Down: Revolt, and the movie will be a huge change for the MMA franchise.

The next Never back down: revolt will change things a bit for him never back down Serie. Starting with the original never back down In 2008, the MMA series really found its rhythm with that of 2011 Never Back Down 2: The Beating, which also marked the directorial debut of Michael Jai White. The series continued later in 2016 with Never back down – don’t give up, with White once again directing. Never back down: revolt will see Kellie Madison in the director’s chair, while the movie itself will be quite a different entity from the previous three.

Revolt will see Olivia Popica play a woman who is kidnapped and forced to compete in an underground MMA tournament. While not much else has been revealed about the film other than cast information (such as former MMA fighter Michael Bisping playing one of the villains), this already shows that Revolt is considerably raising the stakes of the top three never back down movies by incorporating a kidnapping plot and an underground tournament into the mix as a throwback to the Bloody sport Y Kickboxer films.

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The first three never back down The movies were full of punishment fight scenes and the typical training montages of martial arts tournament movies. Each also had their own antagonists involved in underground villain plots, and these undoubtedly grew increasingly elaborate and Machiavellian, moving from a simple high school teen drama into never back down to the slimy politics of unscrupulous struggle promoters in No surrender. However, none of them really addressed the kind of life and death risks that Revolt dives headfirst into.

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Further, Revolt It also doesn’t seem to have any direct connection to the previous films in terms of characters or story, which means that unless a surprise cameo from Michael Jai White or Evan Peters is kept under wraps, Revolt it will be the most independent entry of the franchise. Of course, that’s not really a problem with the never back down series specifically. This is because even when movies occasionally share one or two of the same characters, they don’t have all that lots of direct connection.

never back down focused on a high school boy with anger issues who learns to temper his anger through MMA, while The beating a new set of characters followed. Despite the return of Evan Peters from the first film, the two films were mostly alone. No surrender He turned his attention back to White’s character, Case Walker, the MMA mentor of The beating, returning for an upcoming fight in Thailand, but the film was a work unique enough that viewers didn’t see any of its predecessors, either. What they really had in common was their shared approach to MMA, with the latter two especially hitting the mark with excellent action scenes..

Revolt It sure feels like a change of pace for him never back down series, but in a natural and fun way, its plot of kidnappings and clandestine struggles raises the stakes to the highest. The most important thing to transfer is, of course, the MMA element. With that aspect of the movie falling to Tim Man, who previously worked his magic on Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear, Boyka: indisputable, Accident man, Y Threefold threatalong with Madison’s work on the excellent action short film The door, Never back down: revolt it must have its bases covered.

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