Stripe and the Last Dragon makes a great case for your protagonist to be the next Disney princess. We discussed the reasons why Raya should be included.

Warning! Top SPOILERS for Raya and the Last Dragon below.

As the daughter of a prominent chief and the Princess of the Heart, Raya and the last dragonRaya is perfectly poised to become the next official Disney princess. She easily reflects the characteristics that today’s Disney princesses have come to embody and even meets most, if not all, of the requirements that Disney considers.

Raya and the last dragon takes place in the mythical world of Kumandra, where dragons and humans previously lived in harmony with each other. But a dangerous monster organism known as Druun devastated the land and turned the people of Kumandra together, all of whom were competing for protection. Dragons in Raya and the last dragon They sacrificed themselves to save humanity, and the latter went into hiding without knowing it. After 500 years of a fractured peace, the Druun returned and threatened to end the world once and for all. Raya, daughter of Chief Benja, was tasked with finding the last dragon and stopping the Druun forever.

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Raya doesn’t look or act like the traditional Disney princess that audiences have come to know. She doesn’t sing, spends most of her time in practical attire, and doesn’t have a male love interest; Rather, Raya is fierce, independent, and capable. It also brings a much-needed diversity to Disney animation. She has not yet been confirmed as an official Disney princess, but she absolutely deserves to be added to their ranks given her history and qualities, particularly as she meets the requirements that Disney has set for its line of Disney Princesses.

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Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer

Raya follows the basic rules of the Disney Princesses: she is the human protagonist of her film and comes from royal blood. While she doesn’t fit the typical dressed-up damsel in distress of classic Disney princesses, Raya is more of a fit for those from the 2000s and beyond. Princesses like Braveit’s Mérida, FrozenElsa and Moana weren’t focused on finding love the way princesses like Ariel and Snow White were. The newer princesses focus on self-discovery and service to their people. They represent a more accurate reflection of modern girls and women. These princesses teach girls to be strong and independent on their own. Raya’s journey shares the same message.

Disney’s new princess has started teaching girls that they can save themselves and be the hero of their own story. Raya suffers a tremendous loss at the beginning of the film when his father is turned to stone by the Druun. But he puts aside his own feelings to go on a selfless journey of years to restore order to the world. Raya and the last dragonThe ending shows that Raya, with the help of his friends, ends up succeeding in his mission. A princess and a hero can be synonymous, and Raya and the last dragon try that. Not to mention, she’s the first Southeast Asian princess to be shown on Disney screens, allowing a larger segment of the audience to see herself in Raya. While nothing has been established yet, it is most likely that Raya will finally be announced as the next official Disney princess. That is a title that you absolutely deserve; it’s just a matter of Disney making that leap.

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