Using Unreal Engine, 3D artist Aleksandr Timoshenko created a stunning 3D render for one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic cities: Thunder Bluff.

A 3D artist named Aleksandr Timoshenko recreated one of World of warcraft‘s most iconic cities, Thunder Bluff, in a stunning 3D render that gives the place a more somber aesthetic in tone. With a rich history dating back to the time of From World of Warcraft Third War, Thunder Bluff is counted among the most important capitals in the franchise.

The geography of the city is also as interesting as its history. Located on the continent of Kalimdor, Thunder Bluff as a whole is built entirely on cliffs that are hundreds of feet above the landscape in which it was established. The tauren settled and founded the city after being driven from their homelands by marauding centaurs. However, Thunder Bluff seems like a fitting home for the Tauren, as their generally sunny weather is most often depicted in the game with warm colors and unmistakable vibrancy. But what if Thunder Bluff got a makeover, not with one of Blizzard’s classic recreations, but by a fan bringing a different vision to the table?

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As seen by Pc gamer, 3D Artist Aleksandr Tymoshenko shared a host of fan-made 3D renders on his ArtStation page that depicts Thunder Bluff quite differently. It’s a stunning recreation with all the fine details on display, yet Timoshenko’s realistic reinvention omits the golden hues and bright colors that give the capital city its typically warm aesthetic. Instead of that warmth, there’s something much more somber about the tone, which seems especially noticeable when the classic Thunder Bluff look and Timoshenko’s 3D rendering are placed side by side in the images. According to Pc gamer, the 3D artist produced his impressive World of warcraft render on Epic’s Unreal Engine with the help of Megascans Plugi by QuixelNorth.

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Recreation of Aleksandr Timoshenko Thunder Bluff

It’s always interesting to see another artist’s interpretation of classic designs. What’s most compelling here is how Timoshenko’s realistic reinvention essentially changes the mood for Thunder Bluff. Within the images of the artist in 3D rests a sadness that is not seen in From World of Warcraft Thunder Bluff. However, both versions are impressive in their own right.

Timoshenko is not the only fan with impressive World of warcraft re-enactments doing the rounds, either. Earlier this month, a Reddit user shared images of his Stormwind Harbor construction at Iron Gate’s Valheim. And it is also a sight to behold.

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World of warcraft is available to play on PC.

Source: Aleksandr Tymoshenko, Pc gamer

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