The Avengers are the largest superhero team in the world, thanks in large part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The team, in both the comics and the movies, combine the greatest heroes to fight the most powerful villains and their success has changed the film industry. The MCU’s formula has been simple: take familiar characters and tweak them, put them in adaptations of classic stories that are new to movie audiences, and then the profits follow.

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Then Avengers Endgame And the seismic changes it brought about in the MCU, it’s a bit difficult to see where the Avengers can fit in the new MCU and if the equipment is already needed, both from a universe and real-world point of view.

10 Who else can join the team?

The MCU has shown that they can take some Marvel concepts that aren’t extremely loved, like Scott Lang’s Ant-Man, and turn them into successful household names. There are all kinds of Avengers that comic book fans would like to see the live-action treatment, but honestly, some of them will be hard to justify.

Take Wonder Man, for example. He’s a huge part of the comic Avengers, but bringing him into the MCU version of the team at this point would be an odd choice, as much of what makes him important to the team just doesn’t exist. The MCU is good at adapting, but not so good when they have to completely reimagine it, so it will be difficult for them to bring in new characters from the comics.

9 Who is going to pay the bills?

After parting ways with SHIELD, Iron Man became the team’s main financial sponsor, as he was the only one who could afford it. He apparently kept this up for the five years after the Snap when he was no longer on the team, but now that he’s dead, who’s going to pay for everything? The Avengers complex is completely destroyed and will require a lot of money to replace it.

Even if you left a provision in your will setting aside money for equipment, justifying equipment expenses will become increasingly difficult and there are ways around provisions like that for lawyers who are good enough. Without Iron Man paying for things and the world’s economy in shambles for five years of operating at half capacity and then everyone coming back, no one will want to pay the bill.

8 There’s not much that can’t adapt now

Avengers Under Siege Marvels Finest Cover

Many of the greatest and best toys have been removed from the Avengers table. Without Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, a lot of storytelling oomph has gone and the changes this could have in future adaptations will make it very difficult to find Avengers stories that the general public will enjoy.

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The MCU is known for some of its massive plot twists, but that’s in stories fans are already familiar with. With Stark and Rogers missing, the most important parts of many Avengers stories have completely faded away and it will be very difficult to make many adaptations without them.

7 Who is going to lead the team?

A big question for the Avengers going forward is who will lead the team? Iron Man and Cap are gone, Thor is off planet and not the leader type, and Captain Marvel could possibly do it, but he has a whole universe to see. Black Panther would be a perfect choice, but that’s off the table now with the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman.

There really are no options that make sense anymore. Hulk is present, but is not actually a leader. Black Widow is dead and Hawkeye is more of a grunt than anything else. There are simply no good options for a team leader right now.

6 Without Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, the MCU lost its biggest star

While the comic version of Iron Man hasn’t been popular in a long time, the MCU’s Iron Man is easily the most popular character on the property and without him, things are going to be pretty tough overall. Robert Downey Jr. took all the good and bad of Iron Man and was able to turn the character into something special, the cornerstone of the MCU and the Avengers.

Without him, the MCU will have to find someone new to bond with and this applies to the Avengers as well. While he may not have been the team leader, he was their guiding star and arguably more important than any other team member.

5 Without Captain America, there is no one to inspire the team

Captain America running with his shield

Captain America was the first superhero in the history of the MCU and his example informed all who followed him. With Captain America gone, who will the team look to for inspiration and guidance? There may be a new Cap, but it won’t be Steve Rogers.

Steve Rogers’ example informed the Avengers in a way that no other hero did. Iron Man may have been the most important member of the team, but Steve Rogers was the one who made it all work, giving orders on the field and serving as the team’s greatest heroic example. Their loss takes a lot off the table.

4 The MCU’s big screen future is uncertain overall

WandaVision banner Wanda Vision

With the success of WandaVision And the hits that the theater business has been receiving for years got worse with COVID, each time it looks more like the way audiences consume movies is going to change. This will make it very difficult for a Avengers film to take off again for a very important reason: money.

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The budget for acting and special effects in a Avengers The movies are huge and you have to get that money back. Movie theaters can be expensive, but not as expensive as the “premium access” that broadcast and cable companies charge for movies. Who’s going to pay thirty bucks to watch a movie for a limited time when they can wait until it’s always free?

3 It’s going to be impossible to match the Endgame show

Avengers Endgame was a hit on all fronts, telling a compelling and emotional story that expertly closed the current iteration of the MCU. However, as good as every aspect of the movie was, the spectacle of it all is one of the keys that made it so special, and everything that comes after it will never be so special again.

Do not Avengers the movie can never measure up End of the game. At best, they will be pale highlights and pale highlights will dilute the brand.

two There are no villains who even guarantee their continued existence

MCu Thanos, Dormammu and Loki

One of the biggest problems the MCU has had is that it always kills its best villains and the ones that don’t get so popular that people no longer see them as villains, like Loki. All that’s left are second-line folks who wouldn’t really be a threat to a team like the Avengers and with no powerful villains to fight against, it’s hard to justify their continued existence.

While there are villains like Galactus who can come forward, he’s not even an Avengers-caliber threat – the Fantastic Four have been handling him for years without any help.

1 The Avengers story has reached its perfect ending point

Stony Stark Infinity Stones Avengers Endgame

As things stand, it is the right time for the Avengers to end. First of all, the movie was called Endgame And while it can be argued that the title was never intended to signify the end of the Avengers, it still has narrative symmetry. On top of that, the two biggest heroes on the team left and their stories ended.

The greatest threat to the universe is over and the Avengers avenged the dead and unmade their fate. The story has an ending and pretty good at it. Anything else has the potential to ruin everything.

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