As fans prepare for the first episode of Marvel Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it seems like centuries have passed since WandaVision came to a conclusion. The nine episodes started out as a weird but wonderful twist on sitcoms throughout the decades, and ended in typical MCU fashion with incredible action scenes and epic special effects, not to mention Wanda’s incredible costume upgrade and that crazy post-credits scene.

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Given that it had been almost a year and a half since fans had the joy of seeing something from Marvel, WandaVision he was always going to have high expectations to meet. That said, it was full of unexpected twists and turns, especially as the series contained some reality-bending stories, some of which lived up to tremendous hype, but others, as always, were a bit underwhelming.

Warning: this article contains spoilers

10 Disappointing: Evan Peters’ cameo might have been the first big X-Men crossover, but it was really just a joke

When Evan Peters appeared as Quicksilver in the final moments of episode five, fans went wild. Was this the first time an X-Men character passed into the MCU after Disney’s acquisition of Fox? Was this the first character to appear from the MCU multiverse? Or did they just “rephrase Pietro”? Fans were full of questions and had to wait until the end to get the answer.

And frankly, the response was quite disappointing. It could have been any version of Quicksilver, but it really wasn’t. It was just a random Westview resident named Ralph Bohner. While the joke was mildly amusing, the disappointment after weeks of speculation and theories about his true identity was enormous.

9 It lived up to the hype: WandaVision gave us an epic version of House Of M on the big screen

Monica out of Westview

The house of m The comic book series is one of the most popular since its launch in 2005. The House Of M follows Wanda, played by the brilliant Elizabeth Olsen, as she struggles with a mental breakdown after losing her children Billy and Tommy. This leads her to create her own world where everyone is happy and her children are alive. Sounds familiar, right?

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The Disney + series is about a grieving Wanda after the death of the love of her life, Vision. She brings him back and creates her own reality, aka Hex, where she can start her own happy family in Westview. Of course, this series is slightly different from the comic book version (and doesn’t feature mutants), but it was definitely an insanely good twist on classic comic book history.

8 Disappointing: when Monica Rambeau’s aerospace engineer friend didn’t turn out to be Reed Richards

Marvel is amazing at dropping clues and Easter eggs in subtle ways, which are then explored in much bigger ways down the road, and it’s something all of their movies are known for, which is why when Monica Rambeau named a friend aerospace engineer, fan theories exploded. The most popular theory was that of a special cameo by Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, who we now know will have a future in the MCU.

While it’s not Marvel’s fault that the character got so hyped, it was quite disappointing when the engineer turned out to be a completely made-up US Air Force general, Major Goodner. Fans will just have to wait a little longer to see John Krasinski in the MCU.

7 Lived up to the hype: a beautiful story about grief and the struggle to lose a loved one

Wanda creates the vision WandaVision

Marvel movies are often labeled formulaic, bland, and too focused on action sequences to be considered real cinema (according to Martin Scorsese anyway). WandaVisionOn the other hand, it was an incredibly written piece of television that dealt with concepts like losing a loved one and fighting pain.

Wanda’s mental breakdown showed through her reluctance to let Vision go and led her to create her own perfect version of life in The Hex. The credit is due to whom the credit is due and Marvel definitely deserves some credit for this emotional roller coaster, as well as the incredible action sequences.

6 Disappointing: Watching the twins use their powers was amazing, but why couldn’t we see more of it?

Billy and Tommy on WandaVision

When Wanda gave birth to Billy and Tommy in episode three, fans were delighted to see the MCU version of a young Wiccan and Speed. The potential of the characters was infinite. Maybe they could team up with characters like Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop and Iman Vellani’s Mrs. Marvel in the MCU’s version of Young Avengers?

That’s why fans were hoping to see the twins use their powers to help their parents fight Agatha Harkness and the SWORD agents, but we really didn’t get to see them much, and after Wanda destroyed the hex, the twins disappeared from. The real world. Although they are likely to return in the future, it would have been nice to see a little more action from the twins.

5 She lived up to the hype: When her friendly neighbor Agatha turned out to be Agatha Harkness

agatha all the time wandavision

Throughout the previous episodes, Marvel had been teasing a bigger undercover role for Wanda and Vision’s extremely friendly and rather nosy neighbor, Agatha. She seemed to show up in the house all the time, she knew about the comedy that was airing, she called Vision for being dead, and we haven’t even mentioned her “naughty” pants.

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So it came as a huge surprise when, in episode seven, Agatha reveals herself to be another magical girl in town, Agatha Harkness. Along with her reveal came one of the MCU’s best songs, “Agatha All Along,” and fans were definitely satisfied with the purpose.

4 Disappointing: Where was this great cameo everyone was talking about?

It’s pretty common for the MCU to have big crossovers and cameos in their movies. Nick Fury appeared at the end of Iron Man, Captain America was used as a school gym teacher in Spider-Man: Homecoming, among many others, so it wasn’t out of the picture for another big MCU star to appear in WandaVision. And when the cast members said there was a Luke Skywalker-level cameo, fans were thrilled.

Many fans predicted a Doctor Strange cameo, or perhaps a first look at Reed Richards, who is popularly chosen by fans to be played by John Krasinski. Another prediction was the reveal of a great villain like Mephisto or Nightmare, so when the big cameo was Paul Bettany as White Vision, the disappointment was an understatement.

3 Lived up to the hype: Wanda wielded enormous power and became the Scarlet Witch

Monica Rambeau Vision Speed ​​and Wiccan Look in Scarlet Witch Agatha Harkness and Wanda's Runes WandaVision

Although known as Scarlet Witch in the comics, Wanda Maximoff had never been called that in the MCU until Agatha did so in episode 8. When it was revealed that she was using chaos magic and that she was one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, The fans couldn’t have been more excited. His fight against Thanos in Avengers Endgame He gave us a glimpse of his powers, but this limited series made him stand out.

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At WandaVision In the end, Wanda got a huge power upgrade, as well as an awesome new outfit. We watch her revisit her mind control powers from Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he shows people his nightmares, and used witch runes to defeat Agatha, just as he used on her at the end of episode 7. Oh sweet revenge.

two Disappointing: Agatha Harkness and Hayward became pretty bland villains in the end

Creating compelling villains for the big screen is a tall order, and over the years Marvel has had some pretty incredible villains. From Thanos and Loki to Killmonger and Winter Soldier, the MCU is capable of making successful enemies, but WandaVision It doesn’t measure up to this. By the end of the final episode, Agatha became a predictable foe desperate for power and willing to steal Wanda’s powers, while Hayward and SWORD were nothing more than a military villain trope.

This was disappointing, but it’s worth remembering that the true villain of the show was Wanda herself as she struggled with her grief, which, it turned out, made the predictable and nondescript villains okay to watch.

1 Lived up to the hype: the after-credits scene is teasing a connection to Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity

WandaVision Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Post Credits Scene

Although there was no Doctor Strange cameo in WandaVision, the post-credits certainly hinted at a great connection to the film. Fans already know that Wanda will appear in that movie, but in what capacity remains uncertain. However, this scene could give us some clues. While Wanda is busy enjoying the panoramic view of the lake, her astral self is seen reading the Darkhold.

While Doctor Strange can use his astral self to read, his body has to be unconscious to do so, so is Wanda already more powerful than Sorcerer Supreme? While reading the book, just before the screen goes dark, we hear the twins screaming. Is this the key to your role? Is she the villain so desperate to get her children back that she opens up the multiverse?

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