American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy announces that the anthology’s long-delayed season 10 title will be revealed on Friday.

The title of American horror story Season 10 will be released on Friday. The series premiered on FX in 2011, and each of its seasons featured new characters and settings that fit comfortably into the realm of horror or science fiction. The show has already tackled everything from haunted hotels to political extremism, often trying to combine scares with satire.

Still, even so late in its execution, there has been much interest in the details of American horror story season 10. This is partly due to the fact that the next episodes of the anthology will feature a large cast of familiar faces, including Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, but it is also related to how the season has been delayed by the COVID pandemic. -19. The most recent episode of American horror story It aired in November 2019, and many are eager to find out more about the show’s comeback. Now co-creator Ryan Murphy has teased that a big reveal is coming.

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Murphy took to social media to announce that the title of American horror story Season 10 will be released on Friday. The announcement was made through a short video, which was marked by the type of beach images that have been present in much of the recent promotional efforts of the anthology. You can check it below.

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Murphy’s post will likely do little to quell speculation about American horror story, particularly that the next batch of episodes will have an aquatic focus. This theory was reinforced by an official photo from the set showing Macaulay Culkin’s debut. Along with his co-star Leslie Grossman, Culkin was dressed to perfection as he strolled along the beach on a sunny day. Fans have argued that everything from where the anthology is being filmed, along with the posters that have used images of mermaids, points to the fact that the series will direct their attention underwater. It’s unclear how that will connect to the broader social commentary that is typically included in any given installment of American horror story.

A title will help, in a sense, to clarify the shape of the show’s historic tenth season. In the past, titles have generally focused on a setting or general idea that is ultimately vital to the season. This was the case for the first seasons, such as Murder house Y Asylum. But it is also valid for the most recent deliveries, such as Worship Y 1984. Even if the announcement maintains quite a mystery about the return of American horror story, viewers will likely soon have a better idea of ​​crucial details like the setting and perhaps some of the main themes. It will also serve as an indication that other key reveals, including a trailer and a premiere date, cannot be left far behind.

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