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If it ever terrified you Animal crossingKK Slider, the singing dog who visits everyone’s island, then a new horror movie with roots in the popular Nintendo Switch game could be a first. It was recently announced that a Animal crossing The horror short is turning into a feature film (via Term). The original short Do not look occurred during quarantine in early 2020 and was first sent to the director Julian Terry‘s Youtube Last October.

A remarkably well-constructed little movie, Do not look really gets into your skin with a creature that is as haunting as it is unique in design. The short mainly takes place in a room, as a monster within the game seeks to escape the confines of the virtual world and begins to pursue the player who cannot escape. The short was selected to debut on March 15, the first day of SXSW Online, and clearly caught the attention of those who see the untapped potential to build on the existing vision. According to Deadline, the short will now be adapted by Timur Bekmambetov (My love, Ben Hur) in a horror feature film.

Don't Peek Animal Crossing horror movie

Image via Julian Terry / YouTube

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When it comes to this new project, the details about who else will be involved or who will star in the film are still unknown. However, it is still early and there is certainly room for the film to become something unique. All you have to do is look at 2015 Henry Hardcore, which also produced Bekmambetov. Why it is illustrative for the potential of this movie is that Henry Hardcore was at least in part inspired by Youtube videos as well. With Bekmambetov moving from one project with YouTube origins to another, and helping the film become a very memorable entry into the action genre, we should expect equally interesting things to emerge with his participation in Do not look.

We will keep you informed about Do not looktransformation into a full-length horror movie. In the meantime, take a look at the Do not look short below.

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