Not only do fans love how powerful and smart Amy Santiago is, but they also adore the little moments where she shows her nerdy side.

Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago is an icon of female empowerment on the much-loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine show. Growing up in an experienced law enforcement family with seven siblings, Amy always set out to excel in everything she does. She is autonomous, motivated and very competitive.

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She joined as a detective in Precinct 99, worked her way as a sergeant and aspires to become the youngest captain in the NYPD. Throughout the show, fans see a geeky and competitive side to Amy that is presented by the creators in a humorous way. However, these just have to be a few of your favorite moments.

10 Astronomy 101 by Professor Amy Santiago

Amy and Terry dancing in front of the model of the solar system

Gina was struggling to pass her astronomy final exam and turned to Amy and Terry for help. Amy made a kind gesture and offered to teach Gina astronomy, bragging that she had served eleven years in a row at the planetarium.

In the latter part of the episode, viewers see Amy teaching a class for Gina. He tried to make the class interesting by making references to Hollywood and other pop cultures. Amy expresses her more nerdy side when she begins to tell the mnemonic device that it occurred to her to remember the sixty-seven moons of Jupiter.

9 When Holt gave Amy an ‘A’ rating

Amy Santiago is a highly competitive detective and fans enjoy these moments throughout the show. Raised in a family with seven siblings, Amy always wanted to be the best at everything.

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Amy was extremely delighted when Captain Holt gave her a letter grade of ‘A’ for her performance. However, viewers of the show witnessed Amy’s nerdy side when she asks Holt if her rating system has ‘A +’ as well.

8 A well-timed itinerary for the cruise trip

Amy Season 3, Episode 13

Amy and Jake planned their first vacation together on a cruise. It was only Amy who made a plan, as Jake just wanted to sit around doing nothing.

By then, Amy had signed up for seventy-six of the seventy-seven activities the cruise offered and made a fully packed, laminated nonstop schedule. As fans know, Amy’s love of laminating is unparalleled and sees it as “the most enjoyable activity in life.”

7 The excursion for school students

In episode twenty-two of the second season, Terry organizes a field trip on the premises of a local magnet school. He wanted to impress the school principal to secure seats for his twins at school. It was here that Amy stepped in and boasted that she was voted ‘most likely to befriend a school administrator’ during her school days.

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Although Amy initially traumatized the students by showing them photographs of dead bodies and crime scenes, the principal was impressed by the knowledge the students gained from the field trip, which helped Terry’s twins secure seats at the school.

6 Discussing the Times Crossword with his Father

Jake and Mr. Santiago Season 4, Episode 7

When Amy met her father on Thanksgiving, the first thing they started discussing was the Times crossword. This led to a very fun exchange in which they both began to list clues and box numbers from the crossword.

The humor of the sequence is reinforced by the presence of a clueless Jake in the background trying to make sense of what the father and daughter are talking about.

5 When Amy offered to help Rosa write

After Rosa bandaged both her hands after exposing them to poison oak, Amy offered to help her with the typing tasks. Viewers have also seen Amy talk about her love of writing before when she told Holt that she was the president of the Stenographers Club in high school.

4 Amy’s Stress Coping Mechanism

Viewers have seen Amy secretly smoking when stressed. However, when Jake was in prison in episode two of the fifth season, Amy was found storing the books in the public library to cope with her stress.

Amy was upset to see a call number 300 in the fine arts section. Also, she scolded the librarian for placing the books on the shelves like that.

3 Teaching “Captain Dad” math

In episode eight of the fourth season, Holt and Kevin were having a fight (or a “fight” in Kevin’s words). Amy was thrilled to hear that the fight was based on a mathematical question: The Monty Hall Problem.

He wanted to explain the problem to Holt and made a prototype model to explain the same. Viewers also see Amy bragging about the math lecture she attended and how she will be helpful in explaining the problem to Holt.

two Jake’s High School Reunion

Fans of the show saw how sweet Amy is in season six when she attended Jake’s high school reunion. While trying to get rid of his old nickname “Tattler”, Jake accidentally broke a boy’s science project in the Krebs cycle.

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Amy arranged the project by putting all the molecule models together while Jake took care of it. Spectators also see Amy encouraged to enter the administration room, which she considers to be the coolest room in the school. She also admitted to Jake that she was even more attracted now after she found out that he was never absent from high school.

1 Love of paperwork

Unlike other detectives on the compound, Amy is more excited about her paperwork than she is about the field work (that’s next to Hitchcock and Scully, of course).

The only time it isn’t is when Amy and Charles were busy doing the paperwork, and Amy got upset about the large amount of paperwork because she couldn’t taste it. Also, seeing Charles doing the paperwork at a fast pace, Amy jokingly said how attracted she was to Charles at the time.

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