Clarice has already come face to face with the true villain of season 1’s conspiracy. Here’s why the mysterious big bad could be Starling’s own brother.

Warning: SPOILERS for Clarice season 1.

Clarice Season 1’s secret villain could be Clarice Starling’s (Rebecca Breeds) long-lost younger brother. Picking up a year after the events of The silence of the lambs, Clarice puts FBI Special Agent Starling on a hunt for new serial killers as part of ViCAP, the Bureau’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program that was created by Attorney General Ruth Martin (Jayne Atkinson), who personally recruited Clarice. . However, Starling immediately stumbled upon a larger conspiracy that may stem from her own traumatic past.

Clarice was not happy to leave Behavioral Sciences to work for ViCAP and her new boss, Paul Krendler (Michael Cudlitz), but Ruth Martin forced her to join her serial killer hunting squad due to her public reputation as “hunting monsters”. Starling became a celebrity after he found and killed serial killer Jame Gumb, also known as Buffalo Bill (Simon Northwood) in The silence of the lambs, although Clarice was terribly traumatized by the experience. Starling’s controversial beginnings with ViCAP saw her investigate the bodies of women found in the Anacostia River that appeared to be the work of a serial killer. Despite Martin’s demands that ViCAP publicly declare a new serial killer their target, Clarice’s instincts told her that there was a larger conspiracy at play. Starling defied her orders and told the media that the suspect she detained, Karl Wellig (Kris Holden-Reid), was not a serial killer.

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In Clarice Episode 3, “Are You Okay?”, ViCAP was humiliated when Karl Wellig was assassinated in his own headquarters under his watch. This proved that Starling was correct about a larger conspiracy involving drug trials and parents with children with special needs. Clarice continued her own investigation, which led her to Dr. Marilyn Welker (Natalie Brown), secretly posing as her twin sister Luanne. Felker attacked and drugged Starling, holding her captive and keeping her sedated at his hospital. In the end, Starling outwitted Felker and managed to escape captivity when ViCAP, including her best friend Ardelia Mapp (Devyn A. Tyler), came to her rescue.

However, while high and hallucinating, Clarice encountered the actual villain behind the conspiracy, who arrived at the hospital and stopped her initial escape attempt. Fascinatingly, Starling, confused and sedated, thought that the man in the silhouette was her own father, who died when Clarice was just a child. In the meantime, Clarice has convincingly expanded Starling’s backstory as established by The silence of the lambs and the series took up new details about his education. it’s possible Clarice it’s bringing everything back to square one, so that the horror Agent Starling is enduring now comes from the family she left behind.

How Clarice Changed the Story of Starling’s The Silence of the Lambs

Brother clarice

Clarice Episode 2, “Ghosts of Highway 20,” dropped the bombshell that Clarice has a younger brother and a younger sister, although the drama of the episode focused on the little brother she left behind. In The silence of the lambs In the movie, Clarice was an only child when a thief shot her father, a West Virginia city sheriff. Marshal Starling held out for a month before he died and the orphan Clarice was sent to her mother’s cousin’s sheep and horse ranch in Montana. Clarice then ran away after being horrified by the slaughter of the spring lambs, and the ranchers sent her to a Lutheran orphanage.

While the popularity of the film made this Clarice Starling story the best known version, Clarice more closely resembles that of Thomas Harris The silence of the lambs novel. In the book, Clarice’s mother was alive when her father was murdered. Her mother tried to keep her family together for two years by working as a motel maid and cook, but couldn’t afford it, so Clarice was sent to her relatives in Montana. This is the story that young Clarice (Maya McNair) tells her late father (Derek Moran) during her dream in Clarice Episode 5, “Get Right with God.”

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Still, there are numerous gaps in Clarice Starling’s life story that need to be filled in, as the details of what happened after she was sent to the orphanage are scarce and all that is known afterward is that Starling went to college. at the University of Virginia, where she earned a double major in psychology and criminology.

Clarice’s new mystery is getting personal

Clarice and father

It makes perfect sense that everything that happens in Clarice is related to Clarice Starling herself, and the series has accumulated many clues that the events of Starling’s past are informing and even determining her present. Clarice is now dealing with two sets of traumas at the same time; She is haunted by her most recent experience against Buffalo Bill, but there are also ghosts from her past that she has to come to terms with. Starling’s PTSD manifests itself in hallucinations like Buffalo Bill’s death head moths surrounding her and she is even trapped in the pit of stone and dirt that Bill sent his victims to in The silence of the lambs.

Meanwhile, Clarice’s memories of her tragic upbringing are also surfacing. While this was a fascinating trick employed by The silence of the lambs movie where Starling’s story informed her search for Buffalo Bill, Clarice He also appears to be doing the same deft combination of Starling’s past and his current search for the heart of the conspiracy he is facing. At this point, Clarice only has a few details of how murder victims and clinical drug trials come together, but the fact that, while under sedation, Starling also hallucinated when talking to her dead father has to be more than a coincidence. Something about the mystery she finds herself stuck in may well intentionally trigger Clarice’s memories, guilt, and regrets about her life after the death of her beloved father. And this could be because the author of your current pain is also a member of your immediate family.

Clarice’s brother could be the show’s real villain

Clarice villain

The real hook for the theory that Clarice’s own brother is the villain is that she misidentified the man as her father when he showed up at the hospital. It could have just been the drugs in her system and her own desperation to escape in the game, but Clarice was genuinely confused by the mysterious villain’s physical similarity to her father. If Clarice is right that they are alike, the simplest explanation may be that this is Clarice’s younger brother, who is an adult. This would be based on the reason that “Ghosts of Highway 20” emphasized that Clarice had a brother in the first place. This also means that Clarice is plotting a long and complex story that will not only shed new light on Starling’s past, but also apply it to her current circumstances in the same way The silence of the lambs made.

Much remains to be revealed about what happened to the family Clarice left behind in West Virginia and why she was sent to an orphanage instead of being returned to her mother after she ran away from the Montana ranch. Numerous questions would include whether Clarice saw the rest of her family again. If not, why not? And what happened to them? However, a long lost or estranged Starling brother who is now an adult would certainly know about Clarice, especially after she became famous for killing Buffalo Bill the year before. If the mysterious villain behind the conspiracy is Clarice’s brother, then she could be facing her most personal enemy thus far. And Clarice’s brother may just hate his older sister for leaving him behind when he needed her most decades before the events of Clarice.

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