Playing Dungeons and Dragons is about to turn on. Pixels, Electronic Dice, aims to bring a customizable light show to future D&D campaigns with the help of Bluetooth and smartphones. While most people think about using pencils and paper while playing one of the most iconic games in the world, technology has slowly begun to seep into culture over the past few years. Pixels, which is currently available on Kickstarter, aims to take D&D to a whole new level with its RGB lights.

As of this writing, more than 14,000 people have endorsed Pixels, which means that there are many Dungeons and Dragons players who are very interested in playing with light up dice. The campaign was originally looking to raise $ 200,000 and has far exceeded its goal. So far more than $ 2.5 million has been raised and there is still a week left for the original campaign. “Packed with LEDs, intelligence, and no bigger than normal dice, they can be customized to light up when and how you want,” the Pixels description reads. “Incredibly strong, smooth and sharp, they run for hours at a time, after which you can simply recharge them with the accompanying case.”

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Pixels dice are a bit heavier than other dice on the market, but they aren’t the heaviest yet. Plus, they’re even waterproof for DnD campaigns that get out of hand. And for those wondering, Pixels is set up to work with Roll20, Foundry, and other online campaign platforms. Depending on the design players select, the LED lights will shine across the entire face (Midnight Galaxy and Aurora Sky) or just through the numbers (Onyx Black and Hematite Gray).

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As for throwing something with batteries and lights, the Pixels product is tough and meant to be thrown, thanks to the use of resin, which protects the lights and batteries. This is also where the extra weight comes from. The resin also means that the dice are one-piece and seamless, with wireless technology used for charging. With all the bells and whistles, Pixels will return $ 200 to Dungeons and Dragons players for a set of 7.

Pixels Dice should be available by this time next year, although some early Kickstarter backers may end up getting yours before anyone else. Jean Simonet is the man behind the design and wants potential buyers to know that the product was developed as premium dice first and foremost. The lights are an added bonus to what he feels is already a great dice game for the games to work. You can go to Kick starter right now if you want to participate in Pixels Electronic Dice before the campaign ends next week. The promises of $ 39 will give you one dice, while $ 72 will give you two dice.

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