While Gilmore Girls Y Gossip Girl they’re both young adult dramas, that’s where the similarities end. Rory and Lorelai live in quirky Stars Hollow, while Serena and Blair’s Upper East Side world is full of wealth and privilege. However, there is one thing both series have in common, and it is a less than perfect romance.

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Rory and Logan’s relationship has many ups and downs and he doesn’t seem like an ideal boyfriend for her, and Chuck steals Blair’s heart early in the series and then stomps. Blair might be immature, but she definitely deserved better than the treatment she received from Chuck. While these love stories ended differently, when Chuck and Blair got married and Rory and Logan had a secret affair, it’s interesting to pit Chuck and Logan against each other.

10 Logan: Tricked Rory into thinking they were on a break

Rory thought that she and Logan were taking a break and that of course they would get back together. Logan must have thought differently because he slept with some women during this separate time.

This was terrible for Rory to experiment with, especially since she believed in Logan and felt he had so much potential. This makes Logan a worse boyfriend than Chuck because while Chuck treated Blair horribly at times, he was madly in love with her every time they were officially together.

9 Chuck: He didn’t want to be with Blair after Bart died.

Chuck’s father, Bart, died in the second season of Gossip Girl, or at least that’s what everyone thought happened. It turned out that he had faked his passing.

However, Chuck did not know and was in mourning. Blair wanted to be there for him and Chuck wasn’t interested. He left her and went to Thailand, and she felt horrible. This made Chuck a worse boyfriend than Logan, because when Logan faced tough times, he acted immaturely, but it didn’t make Rory feel like he didn’t want anything to do with her.

8 Logan: I had no idea of ​​the future

When comparing Chuck and Logan, it definitely seems like Chuck had a better idea of ​​how to be successful. He could have done things the wrong way, as he loved to plot and manipulate others, but he wanted to ensure a bright future for himself. He had a built-in work ethic from being neglected by his father for so many years.

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Logan, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have much of a plan for himself. He had no goals and, unlike Rory, who dreamed of being a journalist and traveling the world, he had been given everything, so he never gave much thought to what would come next.

7 Chuck: He loved games.

Gossip Girl Chuck Bass

In season three, Chuck and Blair pretended to like other people so they could make each other jealous. It was all part of a game they were playing, but it definitely seemed toxic.

Chuck loved to play with Blair, which makes him a much worse boyfriend than Logan, who would never do that. From the moment it became clear that they loved each other, Logan was kind to Rory and treated her with respect, even though they did have some problems in their relationship. Chuck never seemed to take Blair’s love for him seriously.

6 Logan: showered Rory with expensive gifts, but he was emotionally immature

While Logan could say the right things, he seemed more interested in showering Rory with grand gestures and expensive gifts rather than actually talking about his feelings.

From a coffee cart (and barista) to a confusing rocket ship gift, Logan was always giving Rory a gift, and while she seemed to like it, was that really healthy? Logan didn’t like talking about his life or his emotions, and Rory deserved a partner who could open up more and have conversations with adults.

5 Chuck: Made Blair sleep with her uncle

In the third season episode “Inglourious Bassterds”, Chuck wanted to own a hotel, and his Uncle Jack said it would be possible as long as he could sleep with Blair. This was a shocking moment to watch, and all these years later, it still doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Of course, Blair was angry, but how could she love Chuck after finding out what he did? This was a terrible and disturbing thing to do, and it’s far worse than any mistakes Logan made in his relationship with Rory.

4 Logan: He was engaged but had an affair with Rory

When fans saw Rory and Logan again in Netflix’s revival A year in the life, Rory and Logan had an affair.

Rory was in a relationship with Paul and Logan was engaged to Odette. While neither of them were in a happy situation, as far as they felt they were justified, this was a huge mistake on Logan’s part. He should have broken up with his fiancé and confessed his love to Rory, if that’s how he really felt, or left them both so he could work on himself. Logan was often selfish and didn’t think about the consequences of his actions, making him a less than ideal boyfriend.

3 Chuck: He hated it when Blair hung out with other people, but he didn’t admit that he loved her.

Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair Station Scene

While there are many reasons why fans submit Blair and Chuck, there’s no denying that he could have been a lot kinder to her throughout the show’s six seasons.

In season two, Chuck hated that Blair was dating Marcus, but he wouldn’t take a chance and say he wanted to date her. He even acted like he had trouble sleeping with other women because he was still thinking about her, which was creepy for Blair.

two Logan: proposed when Rory wasn’t ready to marry

If Logan had considered his proposal to Rory more carefully, it seems he would have realized that Rory was not ready to marry. She loved him, but wanted to travel, work hard, and establish her life. She was not interested in settling down.

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Logan didn’t seem to understand Rory or take her feelings into account. It was immature to act like she wasn’t marrying him, they would have to break up, as he made this big decision about his future and Rory felt left out of the planning.

1 Chuck: He vowed to ruin Blair’s life

Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl

It’s not exactly healthy behavior for someone to declare “war” on their ex because they said they didn’t want to date her, but that’s what Chuck did at the start of season four of Gossip Girl. Blair had many other love interests, but she kept coming back with Chuck despite how horrible he was.

Feeling rejected, Chuck said it was war and it would ruin Blair’s life. She wanted to ruin her chances of being an assistant to a businesswoman and didn’t care much that he hurt her. This is abusive behavior and not something Blair should have forgiven Chuck for.

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