When it comes to the devastating, blood-filled world of Mortal Kombat, audiences long to see one thing appear in a film adaptation: deaths. The brutal ending moves that have become a staple of the decades-spanning brutal fighting franchise have long been sought after by fans for a live-action adaptation of the franchise.

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With the 2021 reboot on the way, it looks like fans will get their wish. However, it is possible that this wish goes too far, as while some deaths would be epic to see on the big screen, some may go too far even for the one of Mortal Kombat.

10 Show: Enter The Dragon

Liu Kang enters his dragon form in front of Reptile in Mortal Kombat

Truth be told, it would be amazing to see any of these deaths in the 2021 movie. Even if they are too graphic, Mortal Kombat He’s always been known to come out amazingly with weird but amazing finishers like Enter The Dragon.

Done many times over the course of the franchise, Enter The Dragon sees Liu Kang turning or summoning a massive dragon that swoops down and bites into the top of his opponent. It is a classic fatality that would please any fan of the series.

9 Too graphic: road rash

Kabal ready for battle in Mortal Kombat 11

The list for the highly anticipated 2021 MK The movie is amazing and features a variety of characters, including the speedy Kabal. Over the years, Kabal has had a series of deaths, and recently, in Mortal Kombat 11, introduced road eruption fatality.

Grabbing his opponent and running at high speeds, Kabal brutally drags them across the ground, ripping their faces and eyes apart in eerie detail before slicing them in half. Yes, Mortal Kombat you may have to go to the limit. However, this is too much.

8 Show: Kiss of Death

Sonya gives the fiery kiss of death in Mortal Kombat X

When it comes to rude women in the world of Mortal Kombat, Sonya Blade is one of the baddest out there. With his appearance in the next film, it is possible that some of his deaths, such as the Kiss of Death, will also appear.

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A classic fatality that has changed over the years, the original was where Sonya blows a kiss at the enemy and causes him to vomit. Afterward, Sonya moves and hits them on the head, something that could be done off-screen to achieve doom.

7 Too graphic: Wishbone

Noob Saibot prepares to destroy Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat

Recently, Joe Taslim, the actor who will play Sub-Zero, confirmed that he will also be Noob Saibot, the original Sub-Zero turned ghost. That makes the minds of fans rush to know what kind of murders the specter might pull out, and the fuze is one of them.

Having it where Noob Saibot duplicates himself, then grabs his opponent and slowly breaks him in half with the help of his duplicate is incredibly gruesome. Even for Mortal Kombat standards, the screaming and slowness of the carnage rise to levels that would not reach the final cutoff.

6 Show: Deadly Top Cut

Johnny Cage and his tattoo

Technically this could be described as brutality, but for the sake of plot, focus solely on when this move is made by Johnny Cage, the movie star. Although almost everyone does a deadly uppercut when executed correctly, Cage did it first.

What is as simple as throwing an uppercut becomes “deadly” when the uppercut cuts the head of the dizzy opponent from their shoulders. Even though Cage has yet to be confirmed for the reboot, perhaps Lewis Tan’s Cole Young could pull off the move with the same amount of arrogance.

5 Too graphic: inner ear

Shang Tsung celebrates a victory

All deaths that would appear in the next reboot will have to go through the MPA, Motion Picture Association, and their movie rating system. Some of these deaths would be fine. Others, not so much, like Inner Ear kill by Shang Tsung.

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Exploding a human body from the inside out is one thing. Entering said body through the ear and causing it to explode violently into small pieces can even fly, but there is a possibility that the death of the inner ear will be canned even when others are approved.

4 Show: Heart Rip

Of course, you could say that MPA picks and chooses. The public always has moments when they ask “why was it approved and not approved?” and with Mortal Kombat, that could be the case and the audience can see Kano’s Heart Rip.

Tearing of the heart is a simple death. It’s just cyborg Kano shoving his hand into someone’s chest and ripping out the heart. It sure is bloody, but not as bloody as the explosion of a human body. It would get the R rating but it would leave room for many other deaths.

3 Too graphic: tasty treat

Mileena prepares to fight in Mortal Kombat X

Adding someone like Mileena to a movie will always lead to blood. Mileena, known for being a brutal clone of Kitana, equipped with oversized fangs instead of teeth, has had some barbaric deaths over the years.

In Mortal Kombat XMileena is seen jumping on her prey and splitting it in half, reveling in its insides as they slowly die. What makes death too graphic is that it is slowly tearing into the player’s lower body while dragging their upper half.

two Show: toast

Scorpion preforms toasted doom in Mortal Kombat

Sometimes the best kills are the ones that aren’t exaggerated or incredibly gory. Often there are only creatives as they all come out. Fan-favorite yellow ninja Scorpion has had many deaths over the years, but none can top Toasty.

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Removing the mask to reveal a skull that then shoots flames at the enemy, burns their skin, and leaves only a skeleton behind is something the studios could make going without being too gory. That, and they can please fans with one of the classic early fatalities and it’s what he’s done. Mortal Kombat one of the best fighting games out there.

1 Too graphic – create your own

Players who perform custom fatalities in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Now, as far as fans know, the next MK the movie is not going to be interactive. However, the Kreate Your Own fatality method of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon gave birth to some truly creative but disturbing deaths that would not go through the MPA at all.

From exploding heads to graphically ripped spines and swords being placed in some … sensitive areas, the deaths of Kreate Your Own show the love fans have for the brutal series all too well – something the studio hopes to avoid for the sake of the movie. .

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