Parker 2 with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez never happened even though the original film achieved broadcast success, and here’s why.

Parker 2 It never happened because of how the original movie was made, but also because of Jason Statham’s career path. Parker released in 2013 and was based on the 2000 novel Sudden fire, the nineteenth installment in Donald E. Westlake’s book series, so there’s plenty of source material to adapt for a sequel. However, despite the full potential of the franchise, Parker 2 Executives have never given the green light, even at a time when a sequel could thrive on a popular streaming service.

Written by John J. McLaughlin (Black Swan) and directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray), Parker stays true to the tropes of the crime thriller. Jason Statham plays the main character, a professional thief who abides by a specific code of honor to minimize the chaos in his life. After a heist gone wrong, Parker is left for dead by his accomplices and then seeks revenge after being saved. Located primarily in Palm Beach, Florida, Parker co-starring Jennifer Lopez as Leslie Cienfuegos Rodgers and Michael Chiklis as the main villain, Melander.

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Parker 2 it was never made due to the perceived mediocrity of the original film. Based on general reviews, critics were unimpressed with the story and pointed to the lack of depth in Statham’s character. Parker in fact, it hits all the expected paces of a heist thriller story, but it doesn’t add much background detail for the focal antihero. In fairness, the filmmakers may have assumed that a sequel would allow them to properly develop Statham’s character arc, but a poor box office return and mid-way reviews suggested that a sequel would be a bad investment. While many B-level action movies can easily become cult classics, Parker It just didn’t resonate with audiences, despite a promising subplot involving Lopez’s downcast realtor. Also, considering that Statham’s already extensive career reached new heights in later years ParkerThe release, particularly being a staple in the Fast and Furious franchise, it stands to reason that it won’t return for Parker 2 even if given the chance.

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Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez in Parker

From a streaming perspective, there is certainly a lot to enjoy. Parker. The first half shows Statham playing both a priest and a Texas cowboy, and follows the narrative structure of a typical revenge movie. Nevertheless, Parker she suddenly incorporates Leslie midway through, and never truly explores a romance between herself and Statham’s character. Instead, Lopez is used for comic relief and as a way to underscore Parker’s moral code, as he’s technically still in a relationship with a woman named Claire, played by Emma Booth. Lopez’s performance is arguably the main selling point, but her lack of screen time leads to a disappointing climax. Parker It works like a fun piece of popcorn entertainment, but its storytelling is predictable and confident. There’s conflict resolution, but no big payoffs, and not even a blatant tease for a sequel.

Parker has been a huge hit on Netflix because it ticks the appropriate number of boxes for weird streamers. There’s a top giveaway featuring Statham, an actor who is primarily associated with action movies, and whose name alone informs viewers on what to expect. Of course, Lopez and Chiklis are major draws too, and they deliver above-average performances to keep Netflix subscribers intrigued, even if the story is really predictable. Parker It also has some gory moments, which certainly adds a WTF factor that translates to free word of mouth marketing. In the era of streaming, Parker The formulaic design and success of the stream implies that a sequel could be a Netflix original, assuming Statham wants to reprise his role. However, in 2013 Parker 2 It didn’t seem like a movie that could inspire people to leave home to go to the local cinema. Much has changed in the film industry since then.

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