There are a ton of pets and anime characters that could easily pass as Pokémon, and some of them even have secondary forms.

With over 800 creatures now in the Pokemon series, there are many Pokémon out there, many of which have different artistic inspirations. It’s no wonder that some anime creatures are occasionally mistaken for Pokémon, especially in the case of shows like Digimon or Yokai Clock, which are incredibly similar in formula. However, even outside of other monster-centric games, there are a ton of pets and anime characters that could easily pass as Pokémon, and some of them even have secondary forms.

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These characters often also possess supernatural abilities, and many of them can use elemental attacks similar to those seen in Pokémon battles.

10 Ranga, Rimuru’s loyal wolf companion (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

Ranga happy to see children

Ranga comes from That time I got reincarnated as a slime and is Rimuru’s faithful companion. Ranga could easily pass as a legendary dog ​​and even evolve through the series into even more powerful forms.

Ranga also has storm-related abilities with which it can attack enemies reminiscent of flying and electric-type Pokémon. You can create mini-storms and attack opponents with lighting.

9 Kero The Guardian of the Clow Cards (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Kero is Sakura’s faithful companion in Sakura Card Captor and it is a magical being that takes the form of a small cat. Although Kero can generally pass for a stuffed animal, his true form resembles that of a winged lion.

In his Cerberus form, Kero is capable of summoning barriers and launching fire at enemies. While this isn’t shown too much in the show, when it does, it makes the Clow Cards look weak.

8 Kirara, the fiery companion of demon hunters (Inuyasha)

Kirara is Sango’s partner from Inuyasha, who later works with his brother Kohaku in Yashahime: Half Demon Princess. Kirara is a small cat who can be engulfed in flames to transform into a fierce-looking saber-toothed cat when needed.

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Kirara can fly through the sky and has a strong bite that can deal great damage to weaker enemies in the show. She also appears to be immune to fire attacks during the course of the show.

7 Kanenogi, the strangely fluffy husband (Jingai-san no Yome)

Kanenogi having a snack

Kanenogi is one of the strangest anime characters to date and comes from Jingai-san no Yome. In the show, the strange yokai becomes the husband of a boy named Tomari, and the show follows their comical relationship.

Kanenogi looks like an evolution of Pokémon and has the uncanny ability to consume concrete for dinner. The show reveals to other husbands, like Fuwai, that it also looks like he could pass for a Pokémon.

6 Monokuma, a mastermind of Beary Evil (Danganronpa)

Monokuma showing its claws

Monokuma is from Danganronpa, and its color scheme is similar to the Pokémon Morpeko. Monokuma is actually a robot, but anime fans can’t tell just by looking at it, and it could easily be mistaken for a dark or ghost-type Pokémon.

Monokuma does not have elemental powers, but has been shown to have extremely sharp claws that would be perfect for a slash attack.

5 Kumoko, the Isekai spider with high intelligence (so I’m a spider, so what?)

Kumoko is one of the newer isekai protagonists in the series. So I’m a spider, so what? In the show, Kumoko turns into an arachnid-type monster who must learn to use his ability and eat other creatures in order to survive.

As it levels up, it evolves into a stronger-looking creature and has various attacks similar to bug-type Pokémon. His main line of defense is to use his net to bind enemies and then bite them with his poisonous fangs.

4 Masha, the helpful and empathetic assistant (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Masha ready to fight the aliens

Masha is a pink winged creature from the magical girls series. Tokyo Mew Mew. Masha resembles what players have come to expect from fairy-type Pokémon, right down to her signature fluffy nature.

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While Masha is likely not a strong Pokémon, it does have the ability to sense when others are in trouble. This is an ability that fits in with other types of fairies like Sylveon, which can calm other creatures.

3 Pen Pen, The Genetically Altered Penguin (Evangelion)

Feather pen Evangelion it’s similar to the first generations of Pokémon that tried to go with a more realistic art style. Pen Pen even has claws on its fins that would be perfect for slicing through opponents.

While Pen Pen may not spend too much screen time on the show, the situations in which it is shown have led fans to believe that it is incredibly intelligent, like a Pokémon.

two The big carnviosully cute rabbit (Re: Zero)

The big rabbit kills Subaru in the anime Re: Zero

While many fans probably expect the Big Rabbit to stay in Re: zero where it belongs, it looks like a Gen I Pokémon. The carnivorous bunny looks like it could be a great design for an ice type and only appears in snowy regions.

Pokemon he’s also been known for some incredibly dark episodes and Pokédex entries. A dangerous rabbit that consumes everything around it may not be as far-fetched as some trainers believe.

1 Komainu, the twin helpers of the goddess (In / Specter)

Komainu gathering in the swamp

Komainu are actually two creatures that are almost always paired in In / Specter. One of them is white while the other is black, and Pokemon is known for creating legendaries that look similar but have different color schemes.

The color scheme could easily fool fans into thinking one Komainu is fairy-type while the other is dark-type. The creatures do not appear to have any special powers, but their design alone is reminiscent of legendaries like Latios and Latias.

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