Vegeta is a legendary anime figure loved by fans around the world. Respected for his talent, determination, and moral values, the Saiyan personifies what it means to be a warrior. Like his rival Goku, Vegeta is blessed with inhuman firepower capable of destroying planets.

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However, the Saiyan prince is also a talented martial artist, combining his technical skill and physical power to overwhelm any opponent. But their skills can rival, with various anime martial artists pushing their bodies and minds to the limit to be recognized as the strongest of all. Could Vegeta be defeated? It’s hard to say, but there are some that would definitely make you sweat.

10 Bang is considered the greatest martial artist in the One-Punch Man universe

In a world filled with talented fighters, Bang, whose hero name is Silver Fang, is recognized as the greatest martial artist in the universe. Famous for his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist technique, the S-Class hero is one of the few combatants to defeat a Dragon-Level threat single-handed.

Its blows create craters, it is tough enough to withstand an Elder Centipede attack, and its movements are too fast for the human eye. Bang is probably the top martial artist, but he lacks Vegeta’s firepower.

9 Could Guy have pushed his body further than anyone else?

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With physical abilities only matched by his enthusiasm, the Might Guy is the greatest martial artist in the world. Naruto universe. With little talent for Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, Guy focused all his efforts on the physical fighting style known as Taijutsu.

As a result, Might Guy trained his body to its absolute peak, providing it with insane strength and speed. In his eighth gate form, Guy is able to bend space with the speed of his movements and nearly kills the divine figure Madara Uchiha.

8 Isaac Netero remains formidable in his old age

Issac Netero from Hunter X Hunter praying in battle

The president of the Hunters Association, Isaac Netero displayed terrifying power even in his old age. When first introduced to fans, Netero appeared to be a goofy and carefree old man who took his position based on his reputation rather than his current ability.

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However, after playing a game with Gon and Killua, viewers began to understand why he was president. In his final battle with Ant-King Muruem, Netero unleashed his full power and, although defeated, proved why he was considered the ultimate hunter.

7 Flashy Flash was a member of The Legendary Ninja Village

Regarded as the fastest member of the Hero Association, Flashy Flash is well versed in the martial arts path. Hailing from the infamous ninja village, the S-rank hero is one of the select few heroes capable of defeating multiple Dragon-level threats.

It moves faster than the speed of sound and combines sword skills to defeat monsters. His extensive Shinobi training makes him one of the most feared beings in the world. One hit man universe, with even Saitama describing it as ‘something fast’.

6 Son Goku often pushes Vegeta to new heights

Goku and Vegeta have a long and complex relationship. Once enemies, now allies and allies forever; the couple push themselves to unprecedented heights. Although comparable in power, it always feels like Goku is one step ahead, moments before a transformation that will leave Vegeta in its wake.

Like the Saiyan Prince, Goku is a talented martial artist and effectively combines technique with the shocking power of the universe. Fans everywhere know that Goku would make Vegeta sweat, they have seen it happen time and time again.

5 Garou was taught by the best, but he still remains unsatisfied

Guided by the legendary martial artist Silver Fang, Garou proved to be the most talented student the master has ever taught. Dissatisfied with the ninja philosophy of protecting the innocent, Garou sought to increase his strength by facing and defeating the strongest S-Class heroes.

Over time, the hunting hero increased in power but at the cost of his humanity, transforming into a monster. In his current form, Garou is at the very least a dragon-level threat, proving to be a fierce opponent to those in the Hero Association.

4 Rock Lee honed his strength

9 Rock Lee challenges Kimimaro

Like his sensei and hero Might Guy, Rock Lee was a ninja with very little talent in anything other than Taijutsu. Determined to prove everyone wrong, Rock Lee trained his body to inhuman levels, helping it defeat more talented Shinobi.

As his teacher, Lee can open six of the eight doors, further amplifying his physical attributes. With this power, Lee can be with the strongest ninja in the world. Naruto Though incapable of destroying planets, Lee’s finely tuned technique would have him land a few punches against Vegeta.

3 Gyomei Himejima’s talent is unrivaled

Gyomei, a member of the legendary Hashira, stands out even among the elite. Despite being blind from birth, the stone pillar turned into an immensely powerful demon slayer, dismantling most demons without breaking a sweat.

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The Kokushibo Demon of rank 1 declared that Gyomei was the most powerful assassin he had encountered in 300 years. With all his strength, the Hashira wastes no movement, defeating his opponents with incredible efficiency. Combined with his stone pillar abilities, Gyomei would be a test for the Saiyan prince.

two Yami Sukehiro combines magic and sword skills to defeat his opponents

The captain of the Black Bulls and full-time boundary breaker, Yami Sukehiro is a unique character even among the various wizards that make up the Kingdom of Clover. Hailing from a foreign land, Yami wields a katana and combines his mana sensing with ki sensing, an ability unique to him (until he teaches Asta).

Use these abilities to defeat most opponents and compete with those with more natural mana. His fighting style is a mix of martial arts and magic, making him a match for virtually anyone.

1 Killua Zoldyck is a trained prodigy from birth

The darker side of Killua

A prodigy even by the mighty Zoldyck family standard, Killua is an extremely talented martial artist trained from birth. Along the Hunter X Hunter, Killua effectively defeats most opponents with a series of deadly kicks and blows.

The young hunter fuses his fighting with his nen ability, moving at inhuman speeds before attacking. Perhaps his most surprising ability is his intellect: absorbing his opponent’s fighting style in seconds. Killua is the total fighting pack at the age of just thirteen. Vegeta better be careful.

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