Romance is seen as a genre of its own, and there are certainly some series that have few goals other than bringing two characters together at the end and giving the audience feelings of vicarious flutter. But even though there is love at the center of an anime, it doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the story. While life’s romances deserve their devotees, some of the best romances are not afraid to portray how love fares when faced with dire straits and higher risks.

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Just because there are kisses doesn’t mean there can’t be shootouts and duels, mecha battles, magic, and death. Fans looking for a little more excitement to counter those painful moments of heartfelt longing will find plenty of anime to suit their needs.

10 Revolutionary Girl Utena presents duels and queer love

Revolutionary girl Utena

Utena is one of the few blatantly queer series to come from the 1990s. Directed by the legendary Kunihiko Ikuhara, the show features a surreal school romance and a blatant refusal to abide by gender norms, as well as a sequence construction of Weird episodic action that graces almost every episode.

To become a noble prince and defend her lover Anthy, Utena must duel any opponent who may threaten her love and her quest. Describing Utena it’s practically impossible, and anyone who hasn’t seen the seminal classic is missing it.

9 Eureka Seven is still a staple of Mecha Romance

Mecha fans know that despite appearances, the romance is rampant. Between the dazzling battles and apocalyptic themes, there is always room for an extra dose of drama in the form of romantic tension. But while many mechas only use romance as a sub-story at best, Eureka Seven uses the love that forms between Renton and Eureka as the central driving force in the story.

As the story reaches its climax, the plot seems inextricably tied to their fledgling romance. That’s a lot of pressure for a teenage couple, but these two are far from the universe’s first hapless lovers.

8 The banana fish may be tragic, but it is also an exciting representation

Banana fish was one of the first BL manga to achieve widespread success with a variety of audiences. With a protagonist caught up in a web of gang violence, drug abuse, and military conspiracies in the harsh womb of New York City, there is no shortage of action scenarios peppered throughout the 2018 anime’s run.

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Still, it’s hard to deny that what draws a lot of fans Banana fish is the complicated relationship between the two protagonists, Ash and Eiji. The fact that he is asexual and perhaps doomed does not diminish the depth of their bond.

7 The ancient wizard’s bride gives Beauty and the Beast a much-needed makeover

There have been countless counts of Beauty and the Beast in recent years. While some of these adaptations are better than others, many of them fail to address a central problem that permeates the classic narrative: There is a thread of Stockholm syndrome inevitably stitched through any story about a beast enclosing a love interest.

Curiously, Magician’s bride he subverts that trope almost immediately, establishing that the heroine has made the grim decision to sell herself, and the man who “buys” her is a monster who is anything but monstrous. Full of magic, mystery and folk elements, The Ancient Wizard’s Bride entertains on numerous levels.

6 Re: Zero is not afraid to face unrequited love amidst chaos

Rem appears to kill Subaru in the anime Re: Zero

While some may argue that Re: zeroRomance is secondary to the story, it is also one of the best aspects of the first season. Time-loop stories have the interesting tendency to reveal more about secondary characters than a straightforward narrative, and as Subaru delves into this fantasy world and repeatedly experiences his own death, the audience learns not only about his deep affection for Emilia. but also about Rem’s affection. for him.

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This is not a love triangle, but something a little sadder, riddled with repetition, magic, amnesia, and loss. All that mess doesn’t make it any less romantic, but it adds to the fascinating nature of this clever series.

5 Inuyasha’s romance ranks second in his sense of adventure

Inuyasha, Kikyo and Kagome

Inuyasha manages to reach multiple demographics without even trying. The show feels like shonen and shoujo simultaneously, and while it’s no secret that Inuyasha and Kagome will one day end up together, there is enough action to satisfy almost any viewer. With enough bloodshed for fans of shonen, enough romance for fans of romantic comedies, a Sengoku-era setting for fans of history, and enough folk monsters for fans of Japanese culture, there are few brands that the classic series did not reach.

4 Beyond The Boundary balances supernatural excitement and a slow love story

While Kyoani has earned many devoted fans, the most reluctant anime lovers have turned away from the studio in recent years because many of his series began to feel a bit too familiar. When Beyond the limit Aired in 2013, some were put off by what seemed like superficial writing, a complicated story, and the way moe’s standbys collide with more violent supernatural action elements. But as the writing improves and audiences get to know Mirai and Akihito better, the best aspects of this beautiful animated series begin to shine through. For the final episode and the film after, this is a romance worth rooting for.

3 Violet Evergarden casts a former child soldier as the lead

What happens to a child soldier after the war is over? Violet evergarden tackles the most impossible of questions with tact and nuance as the protagonist tries to give her life a purpose after years of violence. While most of the battle-based action has already occurred as the show catches up with Violet, audiences get brief glimpses of Violet’s heartbreaking experiences as a mercenary. And through her daily struggles to succeed as a ghostwriter, viewers learn to love Gilbert, the man who treated Violet as a person even when she did not consider herself as such.

two Yona Of The Dawn combines royal intrigue, betrayal, and a compelling love story

The main cast of the anime Yona of the Dawn

Those who like their romances enhanced by luscious historical costumes will find much to admire at Yona of the Dawn. Yona is a princess, but not a damsel in distress. Approaching her lover killing her father the night he intends to announce their engagement, Yona, along with her seductive bodyguard, must go into hiding during the coup. It’s hard to think of a series that so cleverly weaves together historical intrigue, romance, true storylines, and genuinely solid action as Yona, and here all the pieces are there and played to perfection.

1 The Devil is a part-timer who delights in a dozen genres, including romance and action.

satan, alciel and emilia (the devil is a partial timer):

The characters of The devil is a partial timer They definitely don’t realize they’re in for something of a romance, but the audience does. And while it’s really hard to attribute this modern classic to just one genre, the love affair is hard to deny and easy to enjoy. When Maou-sama’s enemy and possible assassin Emi shows up and discovers that she is as powerless as her nemesis once they are both in the human world, they are forced to work together. Feelings unfold inevitably, rewarding but never forced. Fans can only hope that the show continues to mix genres now that the second season has finally been announced.

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