Every Naruto fan knows how emotional and engaging the show can be in the development of its main characters (both leads and villains). Naruto Uzumaki may not have the saddest story of all, among all the other characters, but there is no doubt that he has one of the most unfair.

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As shown from the beginning of the series (the original anime), Naruto knows loneliness, pain, and emptiness. He managed to draw strength from these experiences, but he never erased all the things he went through, from growing up as an orphan to all the overwhelming experiences, hardships, and pain that the life of a shinobi brings.

10 Being separated from your parents as a child

Naruto Episode 1

One of the first and saddest things the public noticed at the beginning of Naruto’s path to becoming a Hokage, was that he grew up parentless, in some way, raising himself as he used to wish someone else would.

Later in the series, he finds his father figure in Iruka Sensei (as he confesses in the original anime) and his own particular family in Team Seven and other villagers, which is comforting, but it doesn’t make Naruto grow. a less unjust and poignant orphan.

9 He was ostracized by the villagers

Naruto Uzumaki alone

Before establishing such strong and important relationships with his peers, villagers and teachers, Naruto was not so loved by his fellow citizens. It used to be loud and messy, occasionally causing trouble getting attention (which is understandable for someone who doesn’t have their parents’ attention).

Thus he used to be marginalized by his classmates, scolded and frowned upon by other citizens. He was talked about as an immature, foolish and insolent child, and that was how he felt about himself until Iruka sensei told him about the Kyuubi inside him (which was also part of why people didn’t like him).

8 It was unfair to see Naruto lose one of his closest friends, Neji Hyuga.

Neji and Naruto didn’t immediately start out as friends until Naruto beat him on the Chunin exams and taught him something about strength and real values.

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Neji and Naruto grew closer over time, they both learned from each other, despite the way their relationship started. Neji began to believe in Naruto, and a trusting relationship developed between them, making it incredibly unfair to see Naruto lose one of his closest friends, especially since Neji sacrificed himself for Naruto (and his cousin, Hinata). during the fourth great Shinobi War. . The weight and pain it must have put on Naruto was anything but fair, especially considering that Naruto really cares and loves his friends.

7 Being ignored and mistreated for your first crush

Right at the beginning of his path to becoming a Hokage, and after the initial creation of Team Seven, Naruto was very fond of Sakura. He used to try to get her attention and approval, but she, like her other peers, continually mistreated and belittled him for no good reason (except that she seemed so used to being mean to him that it was normal). , almost natural).

Sakura was too involved with Naruto’s rival, and every time Naruto saved her, the first person she was going to thank would be Sasuke. It was unfair for him to be belittled by his crush, for no reason, while she chased after the friend who would one day betray them both.

6 The Kyuubi inside him gave him too many enemies

One of the side effects of having such a powerful demon sealed within him is that Kurama attracted many people who wanted to gain the power of the entity. Therefore, Naruto often found out that dangerous people were looking for him (such as when Jiraiya first warned him about the Akatsuki organization), or that he was considered a threat by people he did not even know.

Having the Kyuubi inside of him not only alienated people from him in his childhood, but also attracted too many enemies who put his life at risk with Naruto having no choice but to fight for it.

5 His power is looked down upon by his peers and senseis

Chunin Exams

Not only did Naruto dislike and disrespect his peers and citizens, but he was also used to being continually looked down upon as a ninja. It was an unfair prejudice and expectation that people had of him (that he was just good at causing trouble and had no real talent).

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He used to live in the shadow of Sasuke, the famous Uchiha heir, while his first fighting attempts were usually confusing, or rather a mixture of dramatic losses and victories, probably also due to his ignorance of the presence of two chakras within. from him (and the fact that he didn’t know how to handle them). He was underestimated not only by Sakura and Sasuke, but also by Kakashi sensei and even Jiraiya (they initially believed that he had no talent).

4 Living alone for most of his childhood

Not only did Naruto grow up without parents and friends, he was also not entrusted to other relatives or family members (or even just close family friends, as you would expect in these situations). It seems that as soon as Naruto managed to walk and speak on his own, he lived alone in his own little house (no roommates, no caretakers).

Naruto was basically never able to trust people more than himself. Living his childhood only not only in the aspect of friends, but also in regards to having a “home”, was quite unfair for a child who was also following the path of a dangerous and painful profession.

3 For Madara to steal from Kurama

Initially, the Kyuubi, or rather Kurama, gave Naruto a lot of problems to deal with: enemies, confusing chakras, and the hatred of the Konoha villagers. However, after missions with Team Seven, the Chunin Exam, and especially after training with Jiraiya, Naruto slowly begins to learn how to handle his own chakra first, then the demon’s.

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Thus, the Kyuubi made Naruto suffer and then prosper, and carried him within from birth throughout his childhood and development, which is why it was the most shocking and unfair when Madara Uchica took Kurama from him.

two The death of his mentor was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking moments (and saddest deaths) in Naruto.

Naruto Jiraiya Death

It’s easy to see why it can be considered one of the saddest things that happened to Naruto, considering that Jiraiya was the first to bring out the potential in him.

The two came together as a family, and losing a mentor in all that chaos really wasn’t what Naruto, or any of his friends, needed.

1 Sasuke’s betrayal (First real fight between rivals)

The moment Sasuke’s Chidori almost hit Naruto’s arm, as the two were fighting down a river near the Land of Sound, Naruto recalled all the moments he spent with Sasuke, incredulous that his best friend was trying to kill him simply to gain power. The pain showed in her eyes, in her blood, in her tears. When he hit him, Naruto yelled “Sasuke!” in such an intense and emotional way, you could hear the flicker and pain in her voice. It was one of the most emotional and heartbreaking moments in the entire anime, and the look in Sasuke’s eyes made everything that much harder to accept. Naruto unknowingly trusted him and protected him; the more time they spent together, the closer they became, becoming best friends.

But Sasuke had to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan, which he could receive by killing his dearest friend, so Naruto got caught in the middle of his ambitions when all he was looking for was a friend – Sasuke had convinced him that he had found one. This betrayal was perhaps the most unjust of everything that happened to him.

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