Avatar, the last airbender is one of the most popular American anime of all time. It told the story of Aang, when he learned to master the four elements and become the Avatar. The adventures continued in The legend of Korra, a sequel set 70 years after the conclusion of the first series.

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This time, the story revolved around Aang’s successor as Avatar, Korra, and his adventures in Republic City. While The Legend of Korra It was also an amazing series, it didn’t always go well for the characters in The last Airbender. They weren’t all terrible choices, but such classic characters definitely deserved better endings for their respective stories.

10 Sokka became a postural politician

8 sokka on the day of the black sun

Throughout Team Avatar’s adventures, Sokka played a deceptively important role. He was the only regular member who was not a bender of any kind, so it was important that he be part of the group, as he reminded the Avatar that the war they were waging affected normal humans as well.

For the moment The Legend of Korra began, Sokka had been dead for a while. While he still had heroic adventures, as described in some flashbacks, others showed that he became the president of the Council of the United Republic and a career politician. Sokka didn’t like him very much.

9 Many of them were already dead

8 sad iroh from avatar

Seeing the next step in SKIP ‘The world s construction was intriguing to say the least. After the formation of the United Republic, many technological advancements occurred, including the invention of motor vehicles and the development of high-rise buildings.

The downside was that many of the key people in Avatar it had already disappeared a long time ago. It wasn’t a surprise that Uncle Iroh had passed away, given that he was quite old when the first series began, but it was disappointing to find that others like Aang were also dead.

8 Toph being a cop didn’t add up

9 toph beifong from avatar

Like the new world of The Legend of Korra became more focused, the various contributions offered by the members of Team Avatar became more and more clear. This included Toph Beifong, possibly the greatest Earthbender in the world and the inventor of Metalbending.

It was revealed that she established the Republic City Police Force, which was made up exclusively of Metalbenders. This never made sense, as Toph wasn’t someone who had any respect for authority figures, let alone became one.

7 Korra should have talked to Uncle Iroh more.

6 iroh in the spirit world

Of all the characters in Avatar, the last airbenderThe cutest by far was Uncle Iroh. Well, considering only human characters, at least. He stayed by his nephew Zuko’s side for most of the series, offering wise guidance and wisdom when Zuko needed him, not to mention a lot of tea.

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After supporting Zuko, Aang, and the rest of Team Avatar for a long time after the end of the Hundred Year War, Iroh chose to ascend to the Spirit World. He continued to advise Korra on occasion, but nowhere as much as he should have, could Iroh have played a much larger role in her training.

6 The fire was drained from Zuko

9 iroh and zuko from avatar

In Avatar, the last airbender, one of the most interesting bows was Zuko’s. He went from being a brash young Firebender seeking his father’s approval and hunting Aang to a core member of Team Avatar and one of Aang’s closest friends. Zuko helped bring peace to the Fire Nation and the world.

Although he was still alive during the events of The Legend of Korra, seemed somewhat beaten and oppressed by life. Zuko had lost much of the fire that made him a fearsome adversary to some and a valuable ally to others.

5 Zhao didn’t need to go back at all

The ranks of the Fire Nation army were filled with professional-minded people stabbing themselves in the back to get ahead. No one played these angles better, or more frequently, than Admiral Zhao, who was as much of an enemy to Zuko as he was to Aang.

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Instead of dying when the Ocean Spirit took him away, Zhao spent the next 70 years trapped in the Mist of Lost Souls in the Spirit World. Aang’s children crossed paths with him there at one point – it was a strange and unnecessary moment, especially since Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin simply left Zhao behind.

4 What happened to Appa?

Appa Suki Kyoshi Warriors

While he never had much to say, Appa, Aang’s flying bison, was a key character in the original series. It was the primary means of transportation for Team Avatar during all three seasons of Avatar, the last airbender and beyond.

While the average life expectancy of a flying bison is not known, it is likely that Appa died along with Aang, 17 years before the start of The Legend of Korra. Other flying bison appear in the series, but Appa’s final fate was never formally discussed. Given its importance, it seems like a missed opportunity.

3 Azula is completely MIA

Avatar azula

Zuko had many skeletons in his closet, but none were worse than his own sister, Azula. She was a considerably more powerful Firebender than her brother, not to mention more calculating and cruel. In fact, it took the combined power of Katara and Zuko to defeat Azula in the end.

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The graphic novels that discussed the aftermath of Avatar, the last airbender provided insight into what happened to Azula after the series concluded. That said, his absence of The Legend of Korra it was a slight against the meaning of his character.

two Katara’s story was still secondary to that of the Avatar

5 katara uses spirit water on aang

For a hundred years, Aang and Appa were trapped in the ice, and were only released when Sokka and Katara accidentally found them. Later, the pair of brothers accompanied Aang on his way to become the Avatar and defeat the Fire Lord.

However, Katara’s story always felt secondary to Aang’s – there were times when it seemed like she simply existed to propel the Avatar forward. The same happened in The legend of Korra, since Katara only appeared when Korra needed help.

1 Aang died a surprisingly ordinary death

Aang on the iceberg

In the center of Avatar, the last airbender it was Aang’s journey as he tried to fulfill his destiny and save the world. His heroism led to a new and unified society and the establishment of the United Republic, a boon for the world’s new social norms.

Aang passed away long before the events of The legend of Korra, at the surprisingly young age of 66. Apparently being frozen in ice for a century drained his life force and caused him to die, relatively young compared to his predecessors. Given everything Aang had been through, it was a rather unsatisfying conclusion to his story.

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