In terms of power level, Madara is a top-tier ninja, considering not only Naruto but anime themed ninja in general. Madara is capable of feats that even superheroes would gawk at, such as hurling meteorites like tiny pebbles. In fact, it takes Black Zetsu’s betrayal to even defeat him.

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If characters as powerful as Naruto and Sasuke couldn’t finish the job, who could? While there are not many anime ninjas who can defeat Madara, there are a few, particularly from Basilisk – Who could put up more than a fight?

10 Could win: Jubei Jimushi would only be able to predict his disappearance

Jubei is the resident fortune teller in the Basilisk universe. He is so famous that all the members of his clan flock to him to find out what the future holds. Jubei’s predictions always come true, and this case would be no different.

The problem is that the future he sees would be Madara cleaning the floor with him. The only way this fate can be avoided is if Jubei chooses not to fight Madara in the first place, as there is no way for him to emerge victorious.

9 Would lose: Gennosuke Koga’s Dojutsu can cause his opponents to commit suicide

Gennosuke Koga

As powerful as the Sharingan and Rinnegan are, they are not infallible. They can even fall under the influence of genjutsu if it is powerful enough. This is unfortunate for anyone fighting Gennosuke Koga, one of the most dominated characters in the game. Basilisk Serie.

One look into Gennosuke’s eyes and any malice within their opponent will turn against them. If he wishes, his opponent could even kill himself in front of him. Madara doesn’t stand a chance.

8 Could beat: Shogen Kazamachi would be knocked down instantly

Basilisk Shogen Kazamachi

Shogen’s strength in Basilisk It lies in its spider qualities that allow it to spit cobwebs and scale steep surfaces. He makes it difficult to deal with him in that universe, being one of the few members of his team who excels in combat and not in assassination.

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Unfortunately for him, Madara is on another level. He wouldn’t even need to face Shogen in combat, instead taking him out just as quickly as Itachi does with Sasuke in Part 1.

7 He would lose: Kagero would poison him with a kiss

In a direct fight, Madara would destroy Kagero from Basilisk. Despite how skilled he is, he has nothing that can stand up to Madara’s high-level ninjutsu. Even a simple genjutsu could defeat her.

However, when it comes to Kagero, it is never a direct fight, as she is an assassin from start to finish. He would find a way to drag Madara into a situation where it was just the two of them; then with a single kiss, Kagero would paralyze the Uchiha.

6 Could beat: Hotarubi is just Chunin level

Hotarubi Basilisk

When it comes to characters, Hotarubi is one of the best of all Basilisk. She is one of the deepest personalities and her death is worthy of a great character. She is even quite powerful in the series, as one of the best trackers thanks to her connection to her snake.

Sadly, none of that would help against Madara as he far surpasses Hotarubi when it comes to abilities. She would be nothing but a chunin in Narutoof the universe, turning her into someone Madara wouldn’t even need to use ninjutsu on.

5 Would lose: Tenzen Yakushiji is immortal

This battle would be more of a shove than anything else, as Madara is far more powerful than Tenzen. However, due to the demonic symbiote living within the main antagonist of Basilisk, it is almost impossible to kill.

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The symbiote makes Tenzen effectively immortal, able to return even after being beheaded. In many ways, he’s a more skilled version of Hidan – Tenzen would undoubtedly put himself under Madara’s shoes, an adversary the latter simply couldn’t defeat.

4 Could beat: Jubei Kibagami is too based on realism

jubei kibagami ninja scroll

Jubei Kibagami is the main character of Ninja Scrolls and overwhelmingly powerful when it comes to real ninjas. He’s someone who could be immensely dangerous in the real-world Hanzo Hattori era.

Naruto it is far from traditional in terms of powers, reaching levels more in keeping with the shonen narrative. Jubei vs Madara’s battle would be like Mr. Satan trying to fight Goku in Dragon Ball Z – a result that is obvious even before the fight starts.

3 Would lose: Crimson King is essentially a god

Overall, Crimson King is one of the few characters who can go toe-to-toe with Madara for an extended period of time. His power at the end of Samurai Deeper Kyo he’s immense, which essentially makes him a God in that universe.

Crimson King can delve into his opponent’s psyche, read their thoughts, and even control their minds if necessary. More importantly, his willpower alone is enough to destroy a building, making him capable of fighting Madara’s genjutsu.

two Could beat: Yuya Shiina is nothing more than a fan service character

Samurai Deeper Kyo focuses on samurai more than ninjas, but there are still a fair amount of ninjas within the series. Yuya Shiina is a bounty hunter in the anime, one who initially shows moments of aptitude.

Unfortunately, he eventually becomes nothing more than a fan service character. Yuya would need more than that if he wants to keep up with Madara, who is capable of cleaning the floor with most of the Samurai Deeper Kyo universe.

1 Would lose by: Recca Hanabishi’s Resshin can destroy Madara’s soul

A battle between Madara and Recca Hanabishi – from Recca Flame – It would completely depend on the latter’s ability to survive long enough to hit his opponent with Resshin. Without him, Recca wouldn’t have much of a chance, as Madara would be able to absorb most of his fire attacks, if not directly attack some of them.

However, Resshin cuts through the flesh and attacks the opponent’s very soul, forcing it to become part of the flame. If he wants to win, Recca’s entire strategy must be based on hitting Madara.

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