Melyza Zeta and Tim Clarkson are now engaged, and many 90 Day Fiance fans think they should have permanently separated.

Will be 90 day fiancé: the other way Does star Melyza Zeta end up regretting her engagement to Tim Clarkson? The TLC couple’s troubled past makes that outcome likely. The season 2 couple had a more boring history than dramatic couples like Sumit and Jenny and Deavan and Jihoon. However, Melyza and Tim made fans grab their popcorn thanks to their latest reveal. Tim’s shocking behavior in 90 days naked all it was a red flag waving in the breeze, which may indicate that compromising with Tim is Melyza’s biggest mistake yet.

During his 90 day fiancé: the other way This season, silly Tim melted hearts with his antics with his cat, Cucumber. However, Tim was dragged away after he revealed that he had cheated on his Colombian girlfriend for four years with a coworker. To regain Melyza’s trust and show his parents what a good partner he would be, Tim uprooted his Texan life and flew to Medellín. While Melyza confessed to dating a different man during her “break, ”And his parents advised against taking Tim back, the 90 day fiancé The pair seemed to be together at the end. However, as soon as Tim left for America due to not getting a job at Columbia, fans heard that he and Melyza were splitting up again.

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Fans had predicted their breakup, as during 90 day fiancé: the other way, it was mentioned that Tim had cheated on her a month prior to her arrival in Texas. Tim planned to propose to Melyza while she was visiting him in Texas on a tourist visa. Melyza had checked Tim’s social media to confirm her suspicions. She found out that he had continued the “alternative relationshipWhile she stayed with him. Melyza confessed to going to therapy for months. Then he decided to return to Colombia. However, during its recent 90 days naked all appearance, Tim shocked fans with his aggressive behavior and use of expletives. He also revealed that he had been involved with not one but three co-workers.

Tim Clarkson Melyza Zeta got engaged to 90-day fiancé

The couple had just broken up but were still texting when Tim met another woman. He continued to guide Melyza. Melyza mentioned her infidelity, but Tim claimed it was her “right“To go out with the other women since he was no longer with her. The TLC star’s behavior was seen as “scary and disgusting“For fans who were”horrified” Y “shrinking physicallyWhile learning facts about her breakup on the Discovery + show. In Reddit, a family commented how Tim “all other jobs got screwedAnd the fact that the furious Tim’s eyes were red as he spoke. The reopening of Tim’s wounds turned him into a “time bomb“, A fan observed, and another pointed out that the “Sensitive and kind man” what was in 90 day fiancé it was all fake.

Back then, fans were glad Melyza wasn’t with someone who would keep yelling at her in a “regularly.Then, the news of the engagement was known. Melyza mentioned that she was “completely desperate and crushedDuring their last breakup, but that doesn’t mean he should be with someone as volatile as Tim. Considering that Tim has broken Melyza’s heart multiple times, Tim may never change the way he acts. In that case, Tim and Melyza’s relationship might not last. They even removed their posts from IG after their engagement, which was surprising. Fans are looking forward to seeing them together in a new 90 Day Fiancé: The Other WaY cleave.

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