Plus Neo Geo is on the way to the Nintendo switch with a new collection that will provide fans with all their favorites in one package. Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 (whose title implies more about Son El Camino) includes 10 classics that fans of arcade-style games in particular will love. Developed by SNK, the Neo Geo was arcade hardware that later evolved into a console specifically designed to bring arcade games into homes in the early days of consoles.

While the Neo Geo was better than other consoles at the time, such as the Super Nintendo, its high price made it difficult to sell and it faded into obscurity. As for the original Neo Geo Pocket, it was a handheld console and a Game Boy competitor that featured arcade-style games. Now, with the rise of retro gaming, Neo Geo is having his day in the sun. Here are the games included in this collection.

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SNK Gals fighters

As its title suggests, SNK Gals fighters is a female oriented fighting game with characters from different SNK franchises. It plays like most fighting games, although it was originally designed for a handheld. The game has a decent sized list, comparable to the first few Mortal Kombat games, but the cast features only female characters from SNK King of fighters franchise.

SNK Gals fighters features a unique mechanic where players can equip fighters with an item to influence matches. For a game that came out in 2000, he was an innovative portable fighter that played correctly despite the platform. The game introduced two original characters, although a third has been added to this port. Like most fighting games, it has a light storyline and can be played with two players.

Samurai Shodown! two

This pocket collection has a lot of fighting games as that is what SNK is mostly known for. Samurai Shodown! two is actually a port of the Nintendo 64 version, Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, which in turn comes from the arcade version. The game features two modes for the 17 characters to choose from, Slash or Burst, which comes with different moves. Samurai Shodown! two It also includes a collection mode where players can collect virtual cards that feature art and can be equipped. These provide bonuses to stats like defense, and some even unlock special moves that might not otherwise be available. Despite being a portable port, the game was almost the same as the original and is considered one of the best Neo Geo Pocket games.

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King of Fighters R-2

King of Fighters R-2 is a sequel to a fighting game that was based on King of Fighters ’98. The original actually had data that could be transferred to the Dreamcast, which is a slightly unusual crossover. Of course, this version is limited to the Switch. The game features 23 fighters, which is a great variety of options for a portable game. There is even a customization option that allows players to make their favorite fighter their own. It’s not particularly deep (it’s a portable game after all), but it’s a nice touch that makes the game stand out from other fighters.

The Last Sword: Beyond Destiny

This is a special version of the Neo Geo Pocket game, which is an adaptation of the original Neo Geo console game. While The Last Sword: Beyond Destiny Sounds like a traditional RPG, it’s actually a RPG / fighting hybrid. It is a short game with a lot of replay value in which players aim for a high score. However, instead of being just a score, points can be spent on things like endings, more characters, or mini-games. This opens up different avenues with each game, keeping players coming back. This version includes extras, which can be unlocked by playing through the main game. Although it has an RPG element, The last sword Supports two-player couch co-op mode.

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Fatal Fury’s first contact

Fatal fury is a franchise that many fighting game fans will recognize. First contact is based on the seventh Fatal fury title, which was released for the Neo Geo console. It has a shortlist of 11 characters, with two unlockable extras, although one of them is only available in the two-player versus mode. First contact It has a beat ’em up style with different planes for some arenas, while others are more traditional. To fix the problem that can happen when enemies are out of range, characters have special moves that allow them to attack or attack on another plane. This means that you cannot fight your way through a fight, especially against a friend who uses airplanes to their advantage.

SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium

Probably one of the most exciting titles when it comes to fighting games, the SNK vs. Capcom The line is a classic. Capcom classics fighters are needed, like Street Fighter and even Ghosts and goblins, and puts them in the ring with characters from SNK. Although it is a portable version, The millennium match it still has the features of the home console and arcade versions. This includes having fighters and a single player progression system that depends on which characters are chosen.

Besides being a fighting game, SNK vs. Capcom features themed minigames for certain characters; Upon completing these points, players can use to unlock special attacks for each character. It is basically the Super Smash Bros. from the classic world of fighting games, perfect for those who love a well done mashup.

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Metal Slug’s first mission

Another relatively well-known name, Metallic Slug originally it was an arcade side scrolling bullet hell. Unlike the original game, the Neo Geo Pocket version includes additional missions, and not all of them have a boss battle. Many are about to reach the end of the level, which offers a nice change of pace that makes sense for a game that is not designed to eat quarters. Metallic Slug plays similar to Against, but it’s still its own series where players take control of tanks (or slugs) instead of attacking it. Rambo-style, which helps it stand out from other games in the collection. However, it is for one player only.

Metal Slug’s second mission

2nd mission is exactly what it sounds like: more Metallic Slug. This sequel features similar gameplay, albeit with more depth. It includes more missions (which means a longer gameplay), two characters to choose from, different routes, and an unlockable mode that can be accessed by completing a portion of the game. 2nd mission It also introduces underwater levels and a somewhat more complicated plot, bringing new improvements to the familiar gameplay, the kind of things you would expect from a sequel. However, like the previous game, this one is also single player only.

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Dark Arms Beast Buster 1999

Unlike many games on this list, Dark Arms Beast Buster 1999 it is not a port; It is a derivative of the SNK light weapons arcade shooter game Beast hunters. However, since it is impossible to incorporate a light gun into a handheld game, it became an action RPG. Dark arms play as a single player, portable The zombies ate my neighbors where instead of simply collecting weapons or upgrades, players obtain the souls of their enemies. From there, while they can be upgraded to more powerful versions. While it is unique, especially among the collection line of primarily fighting games, it was unfortunately not received particularly well by gamers.

Great golf tournament

Probably one of the most unexpected games to make the list, Great golf tournament It is exactly what you think it is: a game of golf. You have a small group of characters to choose from, and each character comes from a different part of the world and has their own strengths. The game was originally released as Neo Geo Turf Masters in the West, it probably helps you stand out from other golf games. Great golf tournament it’s a quick way to play some round of golf. It’s the kind of game you play to rest and relax without worrying too much about winning or high scores.

All together, the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 has something for everyone. However, in true Neo Geo style, it is definitely aimed at fans of fighting and arcade-style games.

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