No one is perfect, and neither are their lives. For members of the Intelligence Unit of Chicago Police Department, that turns out to be true with every episode that passes. These officers risked everything, but the price for some of them has been death, family breakdowns, ruined relationships, and more.

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As good as the stories have been when it comes to criminals, the essence of the show still resides in the cops that viewers cheer on. Every person on this list has faced their good times and bad. No one has been immune to the pain of protecting a city as tough as Chicago.

10 Hank voight

Best (The Intelligence Unit)

What kind of cop would Voight be if it weren’t for the Intelligence Unit? Voight has always been a loose cannon, but giving him control of a team of elite officers may have saved his life in more ways than one. As much as everyone in the Unit needed some kind of guidance, Voight may have needed it the most.

Worst (losing your child)

Voight hasn’t always made the best decisions throughout his career, which is why karma has a way of sneaking up on people. But losing your son shouldn’t have been on this list. Hank has always had a dark personality, but losing Justin brought out a darkness that fans understood but weren’t quite ready to see yet.

9 Adam ruzek

Best (suspended)

It was a bad time for Adam Ruzek, but he did it for good reason. He decided to go against Voight’s orders and covered Antonio. It was a noble gesture but it almost cost Ruzek his badge. Normally Ruzek has shown that he can be all about himself, but he proved with this action that he was a team player even after facing Voight before.

Worse (Betraying Voight)

Losing her unborn baby to Burgess might be here, but Ruzek hasn’t shown any real pain from it. What he did against his leader Voight caused him more pain than what happened to his unborn baby. Ruzek nearly lost his job and life by agreeing to set a trap for Voight. By far its lowest moment in Chicago Police Department.

8 Kim burgess

Better (Become a cop)

Burgess was once assisted by a flight, but as fans can now see, Burgess is built not only to be a cop, but also to play a pivotal role in the Intelligence Unit. There’s no way fans can imagine Kim giving safety guidelines in the event of an emergency after seeing her go full steam ahead as a member of Hank Voight’s Unit.

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Worst (Ruzek & Losing The Baby)

Ruzek has been nothing but bad news for Kim. They were ready to marry until Ruzek proved he was not man enough to bear the title of husband. They broke up and Adam was still dating within the Intelligence Unit. And as the icing on the cake, Kim lost her son while doing her duty.

7 Erin lindsay

Best (Hank Voight)

When it comes to Erin Lindsay, Hank has always held a special place for her in his heart. Without her guidance in her early years, Lindsay could have taken a dark path thanks to her mother. But Voight intervened and changed direction.

Worse (addiction)

No matter what Lindsay’s triggers were, when she went down the rabbit hole, it was almost impossible to get her out. He almost lost his job, his friends, and his relationship. Lindsay let Nadia’s death grip her tightly and tear her to the core.

6 Jay halstead

Best (Voight)

The relationship between Voight and Halstead is shaky. It has its moments where everything could go wrong, but it has those moments where viewers can see a strange connection between father and son. Halstead is his own man, yet he turns to Voight for guidance without ever saying that’s what he’s looking for.

The worst (his father)

Despite his father’s death, Jay was unable to make amends for his feelings for the man who he thought had turned his back on him. In a crossover with Chicago fireJay’s father was seriously injured and saved his friend’s life in a fire. At that time, the father and son were not speaking.

5 Kevin Atwater

Better (his brothers)

After the death of his parents, Kevin Atwater became the official guardian of his younger siblings. In doing so, he knew the risk involved and the sacrifices that had to be made. When his brother Jordan got into trouble, Atwater had to make the difficult decision to send his brothers out of town for their own safety.

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The worst (speaking the truth)

Atwater is a great cop. However, fans often wonder if he really fits in with the Intelligence Unit. Atwater nearly lost his life and his job taking the high ground and telling the truth about a cop who bent the law in his favor. Instead of protecting the cop, Atwater protected the badge and that had dire consequences.

4 Alvin olinsky

Best (The Intelligence Unit)

For some cops, their jobs are their lives, while others use it just as a paycheck. Alvin Olinsky was involved for the long haul and loved every minute of it. With his marriage in shambles, Olinsky needed a way out, and what he was doing with the Intelligence Unit fitted perfectly with his lifestyle.

Worst (losing her daughter)

While his relationship with his ex-wife was unstable, his bond with his daughter was strong. His death shook Olinsky to the core, and from that moment on, he lost all reason for anything. With nothing left to lose, Olinsky took more chances on the field and the last one resulted in his death.

3 Hailey upton

Best (challenge)

Hailey Upton came in Chicago Police Department as a direct shooter just like Atwater. Fans were waiting for the moment when she switched gears and in season 7, she did just that. For her, the case was a bit personal and they threw her out the door. Fans felt more connected to her due to her actions.

Worst (his father)

In season 7, fans can catch a glimpse of Hailey’s backstory. Viewers would learn that her father was ill and that she has no real intention of going to see him at the hospital. The trauma she suffered growing up made her personality stiffen, but it has also stunted her growth. She is holding on to the pain and has been unable to cope with the trauma.

two Trudy platt

Better (Marry Mouch)

From the beginning, Trudy Platt has been known as the smart, smileless desk sergeant in Chicago Police Department. While his working persona has basically stayed the same, Platt has softened a bit thanks to Mouch. While his story hasn’t changed much, Platt deserves more camera time.

The worst (Losing and learning about her dad)

Just before Trudy married Mouch, she learned the shocking truth about her father and his extracurricular activities. While that was a difficult truth to swallow, there was more to come that would rock his world. As close as he was to his father, his wrongdoings were forgiven, but his death was a hard pill for tough Trudy to swallow.

1 Antonio Dawson

Antonio at the Chicago Police Department

Best family)

Antonio has always been close to his family as viewers have seen with his presence in Chicago fire. But in Chicago Police Department, the focus was more on his wife and children at first. Their marriage ended, but Antonio did the best he could with his children. Even with them in danger, the love he showed for his children was a reflection of the man he was at the time.

Worse (addiction)

Antonio started Chicago Police Department as the top fan favorite after his stints in Chicago fire. But fans would soon learn that everything about Anthony wasn’t roses and peaches. He developed an addiction to painkillers that cost him more than he was willing to give up.

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