To fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, the mention of the planet Namek evokes nostalgic feelings of awe and excitement; It’s the holy place where Goku first became a Super Saiyan, where Lord Frieza, one of the series’ most iconic villains, is introduced, and of course, where Ginyu Force’s beloved and rich poses took off.

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While Captain Ginyu and company are often remembered for their love of outlandish presentations, the leader of the Ginyu Force was a particularly cruel and powerful foe. With an unwavering loyalty to Frieza, Captain Ginyu acted in the best interest of his superior at all times, which naturally led to the galactic soldier doing some terrible deeds against the people of Namek, the Z Fighters, and presumably the entire universe.

10 He led the Ginyu force

The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force is made up of elite soldiers selected by Freeza; Seemingly a team of some of the strongest warriors in the galaxy, Captain Ginyu’s position as leader speaks to his combat prowess and command capabilities. In addition to being incredibly powerful and effective, Captain Ginyu seems to instill a unique mindset and set of principles in his subordinates.

The Ginyu Force regularly engages in hilarious power poses, often eliciting confused or embarrassed reactions from viewers, and acts according to a group-set code of conduct: they gamble and are rewarded with candy, play rock, paper, or Scissors to make decisions, and they take turns fighting enemies, even punishing members if they interfere.

9 Served Freeza loyally


Given his tyrannical temperament, more was often demanded than encouraging service to Lord Freeza: “failure” was generally synonymous with “death.” This certainly promoted obedience through fear, but it seems different from genuine “loyalty.” Captain Ginyu, however, displayed an uncommon degree of dedication within Freeza’s army; When Ginyu learns of the deaths of Guldo, Recoome, and Burter, he is grateful that he still has time to resolve the situation before Freeza learns of any flaws.

Rather than acting out of fear, Captin Ginyu seems sincerely concerned with maintaining his squad’s reputation with Frieza; The status of the Ginyu Force within Frieza’s army can be inferred from his confidence in his ability to carry out a mission integral to his plans for immortality: gathering and protecting the Namekian Dragon Balls.

8 He indulged in terrible orders

Ginyu grinning maliciously

Shortly after the introduction of the Ginyu Force, Frieza orders the elite soldiers to capture Vegeta and retrieve the Dragon Balls. Using their scouts to track Vegeta’s location, the Ginyu Force determines that he is traveling with two companions and asks for Freeza’s instructions; Remembering Krillin and Gohan, Frieza issues the mandate to execute them.

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Captain Ginyu, always one to lead by example, flashes a murderous grin and his subordinates erupt in raucous cheers. Although their association is a clear sign of their evil nature, Captain Ginyu’s open thirst for blood speaks to the nature of the Ginyu Force holistically.

7 He successfully delivered the Dragon Balls to Frieza.

Ginyu gave the Dragon Balls to Frieza

With Goku still in transit, Gohan and Krillin desperately join forces with Vegeta in an attempt to stop Frieza from realizing their wish. The Ginyu Force, however, quickly ensnares all three and takes over their entire collection of Dragon Balls. Excited at the prospect of a fight, Captain Ginyu announces that he will fight Vegeta himself, but his squad is not so interested in this idea; according to them, it is their turn to fight.

Showing his concern for team morale, Captain Ginyu agrees to his request. Unable to stop him from leaving, the unlikely alliance between the Earthlings and the Saiyan Prince is forced to watch Captain Ginyu gleefully fly with the Dragon Balls in tow, seemingly cementing Frieza’s triumph.

6 Appears to be an honorable fighter

Ginyu fighting

One of the strangest aspects of Captain Ginyu is that he appears to be an honest and fair fighter. Once Goku lands on the scene and quickly dispatches the Ginyu Force members, the captain decides to avenge his fallen comrades himself. Initially, Ginyu’s desire for combat mirrors Goku, with the latter even assuming that his opponent must be a soulmate.

This belief is reinforced when Jeice intrudes into Ginyu’s fight, creating an opportunity for his captain to trap Goku in the dreaded full-nelson, and Captain Ginyu is so outraged that he frees Goku and fires a blast of energy at his subordinate as a reprimand. It’s hard to reconcile these parts of him and it makes the rest of his villainy even worse.

5 Take the body of Goku

Ginyu takes Goku's body

However, all honorable claims are shattered when Ginyu is cornered and loses Goku’s strength. The Captain seriously injures himself in response. Understandably confused by his opponent’s action, Goku is caught off guard when Ginyu unleashes his latest technique: Body Switch.

Unable to compete with the power Goku gained from intensive gravitational training, Ginyu resorts to subterfuge. By effectively stealing the body that Goku had invested countless hours in strengthening, Ginyu also ensures that the body that Goku will inhabit is injured; his body change is a cowardly checkmate against a superior foe that also serves as a buff.

4 Cheat on Krillin

Ginyu tricks Krillin

After taking Goku’s body and leaving the hero for dead in his original body, Captain Ginyu and Jeice return to land near their ship where the Dragon Balls have been buried. Unbeknownst to them, Gohan and Krillin have already located and unearthed the Dragon Balls thanks to the radar that Bulma invented.

Sensing the enemies rapidly approaching, the warriors of Earth hide, but when they see that it is Goku and Jeice, Krillin assumes that his friend has defeated Ginyu and gained a new ally. Playing with this deception, Ginyu-Goku pumps Krillin to obtain information about the Dragon Balls and the ritual necessary to use their power.

3 Takes advantage of Bulma’s genius

Ginyu takes advantage of Bulma

Once Gohan and Krillin join forces with Vegeta, Bulma spends most of her time alone with Namek and regrets his abandonment. In a twist of fate, Bulma encounters Ginyu in the body of a frog, as a result of his Body Change technique being exploited by Goku. Ginyu-Frog feigns sympathy for her plight, and surprises Bulma when she indicates that she can understand her language.

Thinking that she has found a mate, Bulma ingeniously creates a device that translates the frog’s squawks into words; Ginyu wastes no time using this technology and takes Bulma’s body as his own, takes the translation device from her, and drives off on his motorcycle.

two He deceives Tagoma and rejoins Frieza’s service

Ginyu cheats on Tagoma

When Frieza executes his plan of revenge by attacking Earth in Dragon ball superThe most powerful defenders on the planet, Goku and Vegeta, are training out of the world with Beerus and Whis. Mounting a defense in place, as Bulma frantically tries to contact the absent Saiyans, the Z Fighters attempt to repel Frieza’s forces.

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The most powerful of Frieza’s henchmen is undoubtedly Tagoma, who gained this strength by being Frieza’s sparring partner and his glorified punching bag. Seizing the moment during a hiatus in the battle, Tagoma is tricked by a frog into calling out “change”. This frog was none other than Captain Ginyu himself, who quickly took on his new body and reaffirmed his loyalty to Freeza.

1 Smash the Z Fighters into Tagoma’s body

The power upgrade Captain Ginyu receives from taking Tagoma’s body is enormous; Taking place long after the original Freeza Saga, the anime’s power standard is considerably higher in Super what WITH. Ginyu-Tagoma quickly displays his strength, as he overwhelms the Z Fighters with a simultaneous attack.

While it’s true that many of the fighters might have stalled when it comes to their power levels, Gohan in particular, it’s still impressive that Ginyu alone puts Earth’s defenders in the rear. Despite his new body, Ginyu appears to be even weaker than a Super Saiyan, as Gohan transforms and subdues him.

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