Strawberry Jam is one of the many important products that players can make on their farm in Harvest Moon: One World. Here’s how to do it!

Harvest Moon: One World has several different types of recipes and plants to grow, like the Strawberry Jam recipe. Unfortunately, recipes like this are not the easiest to come by. This one in particular will take several steps from finding a strawberry seed to unlocking the mobile store and cooking the jam at the player’s home.

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Strawberry Jam is important for an in-game event. It is the main item that players can offer to the Harvest Goddess in the offering ritual, making it a necessary recipe to learn. While players may think that they can find a strawberry and make jam out of it, it is not that simple.

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Steps to follow to make strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World

The first main step in making strawberry jam is growing strawberries. That’s right, players can’t just buy them. To grow at least three strawberries, players will need to find a strawberry seed. There are two main places where players can find these seeds within Lebkuchen. The main places to check are the mine and the Dutch dwarf rabbit spawner. Once harvested, replant in the player’s garden and care for it for six days to produce some strawberries.

Growing these strawberries will unlock the Strawberry Jam recipe that Samantha will sell. However, as this is likely to be quite early in the game, Samantha will not have her mobile store yet, which is when she will be selling the recipe to players. To unlock Samantha’s online store, there is another mission that players will need to complete called “Repair the car.” This quest will be offered to the player Ahina. This quest will require the player to find and return four pieces of palm wood to Ahina. To obtain them, players will need to bring an ax to Halo Beach and cut down at least two palm trees.

After completing the mission, players can talk to Samantha and she will open her mobile store. This is where players can purchase the Strawberry Jam recipe for 3000 Gs. Then all the player has to do is go back to the player’s house and enter their kitchen. Select the “Cooking” tab and choose the Strawberry Ham recipe. Confirm this request and the player character will make the jam. Three strawberries will award the player a jar of strawberry jam which is enough to offer to the Harvest Goddess.

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Harvest Moon: One World is available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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