Infinite Frontier # 0 introduced a new dark world that may be the beginning of a new Dark Multiverse announced by an equally dark figure.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “Epilogue” in Infinite Frontier # 0 by Joshua Williamson, John Romita Jr. Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson and Troy Peteri of ALW, out now.

With the dawn of a new Infinite Frontier in the DC Universe, it was inevitable that new threats would unveil. But a threat can also be related to the source of the latest crisis, the Dark Multiverse. Darkseid has returned in a terrifying new form, all of his past aspects fused together to make him more powerful than ever. And now it’s based on Earth-Omega, a new alternate version of Earth that is a place of endings. But this makes it possible for Earth-Omega to be the Dark Multiverse brought into the DC Omniverse, or at least somehow connect with the evil counterpart of the multiverse.

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The Quintessence believed that this Earth was a place of endings, where even gods could die. That is the full scope of information on Earth-Omega to date, aside from the fact that Darkseid appears to be in control of this new world. But this simple fact about the Earth-Omega links it to the Dark Multiverse due to their very similar natures. With its lifeless, hopeless, and nightmarish appearance, it’s hard not to draw parallels between this new desolate Earth and the Dark Multiverse below.

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Quintessence Earth-Omega Infinite Frontier

Their purposes seem largely similar. The Dark Multiverse was born from the nightmares of the true multiverse. It is the representation of the worst fears of the various heroes and villains of the DCU. But like all nightmares, they don’t last forever. The worlds of the Dark Multiverse are unsustainable and eventually die after the nightmare is over. The lingering fear is still there, but the threat has passed. But that unsustainability could be why Earth-Omega exists in the first place.

With the restructuring of the DC Universe into an omniverse, the Dark Multiverse still exists beneath the multiverse proper. Nightmares have to go somewhere after all. But new Earths and entire multiverses have been created in the wake of the disappearance of the timeline. Earth-Omega is clearly one of these new Earths, but it can also serve as one of two new worlds that have become the center of the omniverse.

However, Earth-Omega is a place of endings, so it is possible that it is the Dark Multiverse entering this new omniverse, trying to establish a place of permanence for once instead of the temporary existences that are granted to their worlds. . Stories must end, which is why Earth-Omega exists as the place of endings.

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Infinite Frontier Darkseid

But if he really is connected to the Dark Multiverse in some way, perhaps even being the world of control for him, then that leads to an even bigger problem. Naturally occurring endings are fine, everything ends one way or another and a new story begins. But that’s only if the world remains free of obstacles. Unfortunately for the rest of existence, Darkseid has just settled on this new Earth.

If he’s truly in control of the Dark Multiverse, then Darkseid commanding that means he could have access to the infinite army created by the nightmares of his universe’s inhabitants. He wouldn’t even need Apokolips or his usual soldiers like the Parademons or the Female Furies, he could pull out even worse versions of them and bring them into the main multiverse as his vanguard. And that’s not even the worst thing you could give birth to. There are still many nightmares from the Dark Multiverse that have yet to appear in the main universe, waiting to be summoned by an evil force of nature.

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