A comic story in a Marvel comic book anthology suggests that the disgraced hero Doctor Druid might have been the Sorcerer Supreme before Doctor Strange.

It looks like the Marvel predecessor Strange doctor since the Supreme Sorcerer may not have been the Elder, but a much more disgraced hero buried in comic darkness, Doctor Druid. The title of Supreme Sorcerer is awarded to one who masters magic and the mystical arts far superior to all others, or has more magical power than anyone else in any given dimension. So the idea that a character that is often treated as a joke could have been the period of the Supreme Sorcerer is laughable at best.

Doctor Druid, who was jokingly referred to as Doctor Droom in his introduction, is the alter ego of Anthony Ludgate, a psychiatrist who found an interest in learning the Mystic Arts. This was due, at least in part, to his knowledge of his Druid ancestor, Amergin the Druid. The Elder appeared to him in the form of a Tibetan flame and taught him the Mystic Arts in the event that his preparation of Strange as the Supreme Sorcerer failed. This may come as a surprise to some readers, as his exploits throughout his Marvel comic history have been highly unworthy.

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The suggestion that Doctor Druid once had the title of Sorcerer Supreme comes in the story “Where Monsters Smell” in Marvel # 4, by Hilary Barta and Doug Rice. It begins with strange monsters appearing and attacking innocent people seemingly out of nowhere, albeit with a comical slant. Dr. Droom appears, narrating in a tone that he takes too seriously, at least in contrast to the joke of the whole story. Scattered everywhere are little throwaway parodic references to things we know about Doctor Strange and how he operates, like Droom going down to a basement and opening a door with a sign taped up that reads: “Top Secret Sanctum.” Droom then declares that he “accepted the mantle of Mystic Master”. From this, despite being a joke story, it’s fun to play with the theory that it was actually the Supreme Sorcerer who preceded Doctor Strange, between him and the Elder.

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Druid doctor

While it plays like a little joke story, it’s no less interesting to speculate that Doctor Druid may have once been the Supreme Sorcerer. In addition to later briefly finding himself in the role of the leader of the Avengers, he was also the leader of the Secret Defenders, a group originally assembled by Doctor Strange. Unfortunately, the most important of his name in official canon seems to be the title of “The worst leader of the Avengers.” This is because she was fooled by a time traveler who used her mental powers to trick the Avengers into later choosing Doctor Druid as their leader to make it easier for her to control.

Needless to say, Doctor Druid did not fare well as the Avengers were nearly destroyed due to this, and then Druid was cast out as a villain, suffering an undignified disappearance later by cremation in a trash can. This makes the idea of ​​him being Doctor Strange’s predecessor even more ridiculous. Although it does not seem clear whether or not he was the Supreme Sorcerer before Strange doctor, what is clear is that he could be a worthy contender to the power of the current Supreme Sorcerer. And with the comics seemingly bringing it back, perhaps this new incarnation of Druid doctor It will give your character more dignity than he previously enjoyed.

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