The Servant season 3 finale sees the arrival of a mysterious Church elder, who finally explains the predicted “reunion”.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Server Season 2, Episode 10, “Josephine,” aired Friday on Apple TV +.

What Service The second season has come to an end, the “reunion” that the Church of the Lesser Saints ordered to remain bathed in mystery. Before their apparent disappearance, Uncle George was tasked with “gathering them together on Christmas Eve” and appeared to be performing some kind of ritual with items from a box, which included a Betamax ribbon. While Dorothy Turner thought that this meeting accused the sect of returning Jericho, it became clear that the meeting meant something entirely different to Uncle George as he attempted to assassinate Leanne.

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On last week’s episode, “Goose,” Christmas Eve arrived and Jericho was not returned. This prompted Dorothy to prepare to commit suicide and join her son in the afterlife. However, with the arrival of veiled Aunt Josephine, the true purpose of the gathering is revealed at the end of this week, finally making sense of Uncle George’s strange ritual and its significance to members of The Church of Saints. Minors

Aunt Josephine, bringing a Betamax player with her, requests to speak to Leanne, who is terrified of the woman. She sets Leanne down to watch the tape in her attic, calling it her “final warning.” The tape turns out to be an instructional video produced by The Church of Minor Saints. A smiling Uncle Frederick introduces the video and, in a hilariously cheesy way, breaks down the steps of a “reunion ritual” to return a missing Church member “back to the light.”

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The first step is “The Invocation”, which requires flagellating yourself while listening to music that reminds you of a significant moment in your life. The second step is “The Consecration” or the separation of the soul from the body. This step involves blinding the person and cutting off the limbs with a hot blade. After killing the person, the final step takes place, “Emancipation”, where the body is burned on a pyre.

The Betamax tape reveals show that the reunion is not to reunite the Turners with their dead son. Instead, the meeting is about murdering Church members who were lost. All of Uncle George’s weird and seemingly random acts during “Loveshack” now make sense, including why he built a pyre and why he slammed his head against the wall while listening to B-52’s title track. This is not only a shock to Leanne, but it is also a shock to Dorothy. Although she does not reveal the particular details to Dorothy, Josephine devastates her hope by giving her Jericho’s yellow jumpsuit, resulting in Jericho’s death.

At first, it appears that Leanne will not have to go through the meeting as she begins the process of reengaging with the Church. However, when Josephine asks her to forget about Dorothy, Leanne refuses and tries to escape. Josephine catches Leanne and throws a kind of acidic liquid in her eyes, thus starting the ritual.

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Half-blind Leanne tries to escape the house, while Josephine stabs herself with a fork while listening to “Pennies from Heaven” by The Clovers, completing “The Invocation.” Leanne is chased down to the basement, where Uncle George’s pyre still remains. Just as Josephine begins to cut off Leanne’s arm, Dorothy knocks her unconscious. Josephine briefly recovers, but Leanne ends up victorious, stabbing the veiled old man through his eye and burning his body.

Even though the reunion wasn’t what Dorothy had in mind, Leanne manages to reunite the family with her baby in the end, bringing Jericho back from the dead once more. However, while Aunt Josephine’s reunion ritual failed, this is most likely not the last time Leanne has been the target of a ceremonial murder. The defeat of Uncle George and Aunt Josephine means that the Church will likely revert to trying to kill Leanne in the upcoming third season.

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, the first two seasons of Server are now available to stream on Apple TV +.

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