Those who have played both Tsushima ghost Y Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice You might have noticed that both games include a character named Tomoe. In Tsushima ghost, Jin Sakai helps Sensei Ishikawa hunt down his former student Tomoe, a prodigal archer who has betrayed his home island by teaching the Ishikawa Way of the Arch technique to the Mongol invaders. Lord Genichiro, member of the Ashina clan in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was mentored by a mysterious woman named Tomoe, who never appears in the game, and taught Genichiro to harness the power of lightning. Both characters are inspired by one of the most famous onna-musha in Japanese history, Tomoe Gozen.

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An onna-musha was a warrior and member of the Samurai class in pre-modern Japan. Although it is impossible to prove that she really existed, or if the scope of her apocryphal deeds is real, Tomoe Gozen’s fame survives thanks to a 14th-century epic chronicling the War of Genpei known as Heike’s tale. Aside from the fact that Tomoe’s beauty is apparently the first thing that stands out from her. “She was also a remarkably strong archer, and as a swordsman she was a warrior worth a thousand, ready to face a demon or a god, mounted or on foot.“With a legacy so powerful that it reverberates through the centuries, it is no wonder that Tomoe’s name was given to the mentor of one of By Sekiro difficult bosses and the most dangerous and cunning archer in Tsushima ghost.

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Tomoe Gozen continues to be an influential figure, mainly in the Japanese media, thanks to her role in the history of the country. In addition to video games, its transcendent character has made numerous appearances in written works, art, music, and film.

Tomoe Gozen and the Genpei War

Tomoe Gozen Battle of Awazu

Tomoe Gozen at the Battle of Awazu by Utagawa Yoshikazu

The Genpei War was fought in Japan between 1180 and 1185 CE. The warring parties were the Taira clan and the Minamoto clan. The Minamoto and Taira clans had a long-standing conflict over control of influence in the Imperial Court, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Tensions escalated over the appointment of the two-year Emperor Antoku in 1180, and the Genpei War began.

As it is written in Heike’s tale, which is probably as historically accurate as Tsushima ghost, Tomoe Gozen was a treasured warrior who fought under Minamoto no Yoshinaka, a cousin of Minamoto no Yoritomo, leader of the Minamoto clan for most of the Genpei War. With only one notable defeat, Yoshinaka and Tomoe had great success against the Taira, and Yoshinaka’s ego began to grow. In 1184, hoping to gain control of the Minamoto clan, Yoshinaka besieged a palace in the capital city of Kyoto, kidnapped former Emperor Go-Shirakawa, and attempted to flee to establish his own government in the north. Although he was no longer the acting Emperor, Go-Shirakawa still had tremendous power over the Japanese aristocracy. As punishment for Yoshinaka’s betrayal, Yoritomo sent his two brothers to kill Yoshinaka at the Battle of Awazu.

Near the end of the conflict outside Kyoto, Tomoe and Yoshinaka led a force of 300 samurai against 6,000. They escaped the battle with only 50 warriors remaining, and were confronted by a band of 2,000 horsemen. Yes Heike’s tale It is to be believed that after this final battle, all that was left of Yoshinaka’s forces were five soldiers. Yoshinaka himself and Tomoe were among them. In a classically misogynistic way, Yoshinaka told Tomoe: “You are a woman, so go away; go where you want. I intend to die in battle or kill myself if I am hurt. It would be improper to let people say, ‘Sir [Yoshinaka] he kept a woman with him during his last battle.

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Following her lord’s orders, Tomoe reluctantly fled. However, he sought a final battle of his own and soon found a group of 30 horsemen. Among them was a man famous in the area for his great strength. Galloping into the fray, Tomoe “rode alongside [him]He grabbed it tight, pulled him against the saddle pommel, held him still, ripped his head off, and threw him away.“After this incredibly violent feat, Tomoe shed her armor and fled east. It is unknown what eventually became of her.

Yoshinaka was killed at the Battle of Awazu, and the following year Minamoto no Yoritomo was victorious in the Genpei War, securing influence over the imperial government. Seven years later, after the death of Emperor Go-Shirakawa in 1192, Yoritomo became the first Shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate. Thus began the feudal era of Japanese history, in which the samurai class flourished.

Tomoe Gozen’s lasting legacy in Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro

Tomoe Gozen Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro Inspiration

Tomoe Gozen with Uchida Ieyoshi and Hatakeyama no Shigetada, woodcut by Yōshū Chikanobu

Tomoe Gozen’s bravery and excellence in battle have influenced many works of popular culture. Appears as a historical figure in Fate / Grand Order, is the namesake of the Tomo-e Gozen astronomy camera at the University of Tokyo, makes an appearance in the record Person 4, and much more. Her legendary final battles position her as a strong feminist figure from a clearly male-dominated era.

There will never be any concrete proof of Tomoe Gozen’s existence, her prowess in battle, or her dramatic role in the Battle of Awazu. Such as Tsushima ghost did with the battle of Komoda Beach, Heike’s tale most likely he took a lot of artistic liberties in his description of the Genpei war. Still, like many famous historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Cleopatra, Tomoe provides tremendous archaeological value to the historical canon of famous women in ancient times.

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Tomoe Gozen’s skill as an archer has been especially persistent in modern video games. Genichiro, who carries and uses a large bow in Axe, was instructed by a Tomoe in the heretical use of lightning in combat. Genichiro became a feared warrior and leader of the Ashina clan forces, and is able to channel lightning bolts through his katana and arrows using The Way of Tomoe technique. In Tsushima ghost, Tomoe’s namesake is equally formidable. Tomoe’s former sensei, Ishikawa, is terrified of his abilities and the damage his teachings could cause. His skill with the bow is so impressive that Ishikawa is certain that his influence alone could ensure the victory of the Mongols invading Tsushima.

Like the historical figure of Tomoe Gozen, her namesakes in Tsushima ghost Y Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice they have enormous influence. They are powerful female figures who alter the landscape of each game’s narrative with their unmatched abilities. In modern video games, the name Tomoe has become synonymous with unmatched skill in battle, a worthy legacy for Tomoe Gozen, who, against all odds, survived the Genpei War.

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Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Heike’s tale

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