Lawless takes us from ‘Xena’ to ‘Spartacus’ to this new ultraviolent animated feature in this episode of Collider Connected.

Lucy Lawless has thrived in the sci-fi, fantasy, and action genres for years with a host of prominent titles to its name, including Xena: warrior princess, Battlestar galactica Y Spartacus. But even with all that experience, his latest feature, The spine of the night, it still feels like a totally unique and one-of-a-kind production that takes his craft into new territory.

The film is an ultraviolent epic told through a hand-drawn rotoscope animation. The story spans ages and highlights those who come together to stop a sinister force that wields a devastating amount of dark magic. The spine of the night It has an anthology feel to it, but there is one especially prominent character who contributes significantly to both the heart and frame of the film, and that’s Lawless as Tzod, a shaman experienced in harnessing such power who watches him fall into the wrong hands. .

Lucy Lawless as Tzod in The Spine of Night

Image via Gorgonaut Pictures / Yellow Veil Pictures

Yes, The spine of the night is inspired by works such as Ralph bakshi‘s The Lord of the rings Y Heavy metal, but since pieces like that are now few and far between, Night column it feels like a special treat, a unique opportunity to go big, go dark, and use this fantasy world to delve into the flaws of the real world. As Lawless said while he was in Connected collider, The spine of the night It is crazy”. She continued:

“I just thought it was cool and weird and ugly and beautiful. And my lawyer said, ‘Lucy, do you really want to be seen that way?’ And I said, ‘Yes!’ [Laughs] Because there is a kind of woman’s bulge. She is a shamaness and she walks like a caveman, she is Australopithecus walking, and she is cool. She is amazing, she is magical and she is ugly and beautiful. ”

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Again in Xena, Lawless realized that she was a “killer looper” and an ADR professional, something that proved very helpful in The spine of the night due to the unique animation process. When Lawless introduced the project, it wasn’t about evaluating the potential of the film through concept art and story details; in fact, he was able to see a first cut of the film. That also meant that when it came time to record his dialogue, he was challenged to match what he was doing with the finished animation:

“Because [director] Phil [Gelatt] you were working on this on your own, you are locked into the picture, so the pace of the person speaking who initially did it is the pace you have to follow. It is not necessarily what you would have done. Most animations do the voice first and then animate the image, but this is the other way around. ”

Lucy Lawless as Tzod in The Spine of Night

Image via Gorgonaut Pictures / Yellow Veil Pictures

Since Collider Connected is all about retracing the steps that led to our guest’s latest project, much of this conversation with Lawless focused on fantasy material. So what exactly brings her back to the genre? Here’s how she put it:

“Fantasy chose me. I always look for the mundane. The banality of evil is what makes evil interesting and peculiar. You can embed the truth in fantasy. It’s like Battlestar Galactic has a lot of socio-political comments to make in a way that is embedded in that narrative so that people can discuss deeper meanings later. It gives you a lot to think about. The story they are telling is not the underlying story. ”

If you want to know more about Lawless at The spine of the night, as Whoopi goldberg inspired her at a young age, what it was like to make her way from Hercules and the Amazon women to Xena, and much more, be sure to watch our full conversation in the video at the top of this article or in the podcast below:

Lucy Lawless:

  • 00:29 – What attracted Lawless to The spine of the night?

  • 01:41 – The commercial that inspired Lawless to pursue acting.

  • 02:34 – How Whoopi Goldberg inspired Lawless at a young age.

  • 03:18 – Lawless talks about his experience studying acting in Vancouver; ignoring the naysayers.

  • 05:08 – He had no interest in athletics and fantasy science fiction when he started.

  • 05:43 – The benefits of having the sketch comedy show Fun business as your first screen credit.

  • 06:30 – How did Lawless manage to maintain that youthful spontaneity when she was more exposed to criticism of her work?

  • 07:19 – Lawless looks back to get a role in Hercules and the Amazon women.

  • 08:22 – Why were there less nerves on the set of Xena; meeting Renée O’Connor

  • 09:16 – What was it like jumping from one role to another in that franchise before deciding on Xena?

  • 09:55 – Lawless remembers when he found out that viewers suspected Xena and Gabrielle were strange characters; becoming a voice of great influence in the community.

  • 11:40 AM – Lawless offers thoughts for those who might be afraid to use their platforms to support causes that are important to them.

  • 14:17 – What kind of opportunities was Lawless looking for? Xena? Were the roles similar?

  • 15:47 – What past project scared Lawless the most?

  • 4:45 PM – Lawless revisits his cameo in the 2000s Spiderman.

  • 5:38 PM – Lawless remembers some of her favorite TV guest appearances.

  • 18:19 – Lawless revisits Ruby’s character and cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

  • 7:42 PM – Lawless was able to see a draft of The spine of the night when the project was first presented to him.

  • 21:17 – How Lawless takes advantage of the physicality of the character while doing his voice work.

  • 10:50 PM – Would Lawless prefer to do his voice work with full animation or while the images are still developing?

  • 12:15 pm – “Fantasy chose me”; why Lawless loves the genre.

  • 25:13 – What Lawless hopes studios take note when they see something out of the box like The spine of the night.

  • 28:08 – Random questions begin! Find out what shows Lawless was recently over-watched, the iconic role from a past movie that he would love to play, the new hobbies he took up during the confinement, hear about his plans to make a documentary, and what props and costumes he has kept throughout. of the years. .

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