Most of the Pokémon seem to belong to their universe, while others can be better integrated into different anime worlds.

The world of Pokemon it is simply huge, with over 800 creatures and eight generations of games. There are Pokémon based on everything from Persian cats to ice cream cones, and it can be a bit difficult to keep up. Some Pokémon are easily recognizable, while others appear to come from a JRPG or an anime that belongs to a completely different genre.

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Some of the newer Pokémon have even left older fans questioning which direction the series will take with the next set of designs and whether games will start to implement things like fusion instead of relying on entirely new creatures.

10 Zygarde is an otherworldly-looking dragon suitable for a sci-fi anime

Zygarde is a Dragon / Earth type that was introduced in Generation VI. Zygarde looks more like an alien than Darling in the Franxx or Gargantia than a legendary Pokémon, and even the games consider it a science experiment.

Many players can easily see Zygarde trying to invade Earth or even being some kind of high reward from the space comedy series. Dand spaceY. Zygarde could even be a great companion for the main character in a sci-fi anime.

9 Spiritomb is an ancient evil fit for a supernatural anime


Spiritomb is a Generation IV Pokémon that emits the same aesthetic as many yokai in shows like In / Specter Y Tied to the toilet Hanko-kun. It could easily be a helpful spirit providing information to characters in a supernatural anime.

For players wanting to get out of their Pokédex entry, it would be a perfect fit for a sealed villain trying to escape imprisonment. Spiritomb is a great pick for a comedic yet powerful anime ending boss.

8 Eiscue is just a penguin with a giant ice cube fit for a Shonen Jump anime

Eiscue in Pokémon game

Eiscue is one of the strangest Pokémon that comes from Gen VIII. Eiscue looks like he just came out of a Shonen Jump series as Fairy tale, where it would be a comedy-based mascot.

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In fact, many people have made comparisons between the ice block Eiscue uses and the apple Suika uses in Dr stone, who also hides his face to give it a comical design. Eiscue looks like he would be the type of character to show an exaggerated face in the middle of an anime series.

7 Calyrex rides on another Pokémon as a monster from the time I was reincarnated as a slime

Shadow rider calyrex in game model

Calyrex is one of the newer Legends in the series and was recently introduced in Gen VIII. On its own, Calyrex looks pretty strange, but when paired with Spectrier or Glastrier, things just get weird as it’s a Pokémon that rides another Pokémon in battle.

Calyrex goes from looking like a Pokémon to looking like one of the many monsters that would help Rimuru fight his war in the current season of That time I got reincarnated as a slime.

6 Alolan Exeggutor is the Pokémon that became a meme suitable for an anime parody

Alolan Exeggutor is a variant of Alolan Gen VII that fans turned into a meme when it was announced. This is because Alolan Exeggutor looks like something that came out of a 4-Koma series rather than an actual Pokémon.

While it gives Exeggutor an additional dragon type, the Pokémon is so tall that it can barely fit on the battle screen. This is something fans are hoping to see in parody series like Watamote.

5 Eternatus is a Pokémon that could be an Egyptian God card in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Eternatus is a main Legendary that was introduced in Gen VIII. However, instead of following the cues of other legendary designs, Eternatus looks more like a monster from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and could be a letter from Egyptian God.

In fact, some fans have even created fake cards of the creature, complete with a description and writing. If the two series were ever to intersect, Eternatus would probably be the card they make.

4 Pheromosa is the humanoid alien from another dimension worthy of a sci-fi anime

Pheromosa caused a lot of confusion when it appeared in Generation VII because it really blurs the line between humans and Pokémon. This is another Pokémon that could easily be seen as an alien species from the sci-fi anime.

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The actual design could fit perfectly with that of an alien queen, and catching the Pokémon feels a bit weirder than most other creatures that don’t feel quite as human.

3 Stakataka is the Pokémon most likely to be a copycat in a Ghibli movie

Stakataka in Pokémon Anime

Stakataka is a very strange Ultra Beast that also hails from Gen VII. This Pokémon looks more like a moving building from a Ghibli movie than something that belongs inside a Poké Ball.

This Pokémon is supposedly made up of many different creatures and can easily be mistaken for a wall, making it more like a video game mimic than a traditional Pokémon.

two Wooloo has a cattle design that could conquer any fantasy anime

wooloo sword and shield outside

Wooloo may be one of the most popular designs ever made and debuted in Gen VIII. Wooloo is a gentle looking creature that could easily fit into the worlds of fantasy anime. Sleepy princess in the castle of demons or Konosuba.

Wooloo’s design is one that could perfectly fit in with lighthearted fantasy worlds or even become the mascot for a future isekai series.

1 Darumaka is the mascot any supernatural anime could succeed with

Darumaka's couple in the Pokémon anime

Darumaka is a Generation V Pokémon that could have emerged from a supernatural anime. Darumaka could easily fit into a world like In / Specter or Blue Exorcist, where yokai-based creatures are common.

This is another Pokémon that would make a great pet, and according to the Pokédex, it has an adorable way of sleeping that would help it quickly find its way into the hearts of anime fans.

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