Batman has trained his son, Damian Wayne, to seemingly overcome any situation, but has also taken away his biggest advantage in the process.

Warning: spoilers for Batman # 106!

While bat Man he has always trained the members of his Bat-Family well, Batman # 106 reveals that the Dark Knight’s training has ruined his son’s greatest combat advantage, Damian Wayne, has ever had. Good thing both Damian’s mother, Talia Al Ghul, and his birthright as heir to the League of Assassins are eagerly waiting behind the scenes to bring that part of Damian to the forefront and return him to the role he was always destined to play.

Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov “Demon or Detective?” in Batman # 106 sees Damian continue to struggle with his decision to leave Robin’s mantle behind. Although Damian confronts his mother with a flourish, she immediately senses that something is wrong with her son, despite her subtle delight at his arrival after years of choosing his father’s path of justice over the path of supremacy. his mother.

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Noticing his presence in the shadows around her, Talia calls out to Damian, only for him to doubt her voice. Condemning Batman’s taste for being “theatrical” and how his training has seeped into her son’s own tactics, Talia continues to think that while she respected and understood Damian’s need to follow in the Bat’s footsteps, she sees his return as a expression. of defeat instead of a new triumphant leadership.

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Damian, seemingly hell-bent on leaving his father behind, believes it is time for him to take what is rightfully his and stand once more by his mother’s side. But for Talia, the years that Damian has spent under Batman’s control have lowered her opinion of him to the point where she believes Damian doesn’t have what it takes to be the supreme assassin he started out with. And with Batman’s hero mentality and rules softening the boy to the point where his theatricality and concern for human life override his other instincts, Talia thinks he needs to. “go back to the nest”, to develop their potential. His point is proven moments later, when the killers attack the couple and Damian’s reluctance to take lethal action puts his mother in danger.

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One of the most important takeaways from this problem is what the future of this once Boy Wonder will be like. The fact that Batman’s training has blunted Damian’s ruthlessness has its consequences. Not only does he hesitate to save his mother from new threat from the Lazarus League at the end of the problem, a moment that “old” Damian would have easily solved in seconds, but the idea that Damian will have to rewire his brain to descend to the level of his mother is a great tragedy for a character who has reached so far in learning. an empathy he never showed before meeting his father.

So while bat Man he would regard the restraint he asked of his son as a necessity of his heroic drive, Damian’s ability has undoubtedly suffered because of that, leaving him ill-equipped to attack on his own. Will this ex-Robin finally give up his morality to become the murderous warrior his mother knows he can be? Or will the long shadow cast by the bat be enough to save your child from a life of evil? Either way, Damian WayneChoosing what to do next will define the man he will become in future stories.

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