Better Call Saul is getting a spin-off prequel with an animated digital series titled Slippin ‘Jimmy that dates back to Jimmy McGill’s childhood with Chuck.

Better call Saul you’ll get a digital animation spinoff series to add to the franchise. Better call Saul is already a derivative of the crime drama, Breaking bad, and is currently filming its sixth and final season. The AMC show deals with the backstory behind the transformation of former con artist and serious lawyer Jimmy McGill (Odenkirk) into the sleazy ‘criminal’ lawyer, Saul Goodman, who fans meet on Breaking bad. The first three seasons of the show highlighted the relationship between Jimmy McGill and his older brother Chuck. Better call Saul also serves as a prequel to Breaking bad and now it seems that another show is about to follow that path.

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According to Term, AMC Networks has a large number of original digital series in development, including a digital animation Better call Saul titled prequel, Jimmy slipping, dating back to Jimmy McGill’s childhood with Chuck and his friends in his hometown of Cicero, Illinois. The show will be in the style of Fat albert and the episodes will pay tribute to various classics. Also among the list of upcoming digital series in development is a program titled, Cooper bar, which is executive produced and co-directed by Rhea Seehorn, who plays Jimmy’s wife, Kim Wexler in Better call Saul.

Chuck and Jimmy argue at Better Call Saul

In the midst of the success of the Better call Saul The web series episodes that have been released since the show’s third season is a great opportunity for AMC to expand on its digital fronts for its popular series. Jimmy and Chuck’s brotherly relationship in Better call Saul It’s been tumultuous to say the least, but they’ve had loving moments over the course of the show. The spinoff animated prequel is certainly an interesting concept, and it will be exciting to learn more about the history of Jimmy and Chuck in their early life.

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Source: Deadline

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