The Champions may have won a great victory, but at least one member of the team believes that they have serious problems to solve.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Champions # 5 from VC’s Eve L. Ewing, Bob Quinn, Federico Blee and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Champions have been trying to overcome the kind of mistakes that the previous generation of heroes faced and invited the world to. But in the wake of Outlaw, the team could be heading for a major internal conflict.

While the Champions scored a solid victory over their enemies in Roxxon at the end of the conflict, Bombshell makes an argument that could lead to a split in the heroic team in Champions # 5.

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Bombshell was not a founding champion, but she has been an ally of the team for a long time, eventually joining the group officially. However, she was also one of the team members who was captured by CRADLE’s forces, helping cover the escape of her teammates at the expense of her own freedom. The captured young heroes were sent to a re-education center run by Roxxon, where the teenagers were separated and forced to go through multiple programs designed to break their spirits. This seemed to have been successful with Bombshell, which ended up being presented to the public as a “success story” to speak out against the young heroes on the streets.

This even seems to apply once the battle over Kamala’s Law has been won. Bombshell is one of the heroes rescued by Viv Vision and Brawn, who make an escape to free the captured champions. Bombshell helps the group escape, but also lets his teammates know that he thinks the Champions really messed up when they caused chaos by trying to take down an attack on Coles Academic. While Roxxon made terrible mistakes and cruelty to young heroes, he still believes that Champions must be held accountable for their actions, and their mistakes in particular. While other members of the team are enraged by this, especially Starling, Snowguard reasons that it is something the young heroes will have to deal with as they go.

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With the Champions finally successful in their mission to tear down Roxxon’s re-education centers and turn public opinion against Kamala’s Law, the team is already moving toward their next battles. This includes Miles Morales and Sam Alexander infiltrating Roxxon as interns, suggesting that the team will continue to target the company. However, the Bombshell point still stands out as a serious point of contention that the group as a whole will have to face. At the end of the day, the team has been destructive in the past and they have to learn to deal with the consequences of that. Otherwise, the team may make another mistake down the line that costs them, like the one Spider-Man and Brawn had to deal with Mephisto to reverse.

This could also be one more step towards the downfall of the Champions in internal fighting. Starling has already made her displeasure with the team’s leadership known, calling out Ms. Marvel in front of the rest of the group while still on the run from CRADLE.. With Bombshell raising the possibility of the team controlling some of her actions, Starling and the other like-minded young heroes may decide it’s time to set up their own more proactive version of the team, which could result in a Civil War. even more devastating for the young generation of Marvel heroes.

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