CBS’s Clarice has confirmed that there will be no Hannibal Lecter appearances on the show. What does that mean for the villain Mason Verger?

CBS Clarice stars FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling (played by Rebecca Breeds) as she hunts down vicious serial killers. Although the show is kind of a sequel to Jonathan Demme The silence of the lambs, the creators have clarified that Hannibal Lecter will not appear in the series. This development also has implications for fan-favorite villain Mason Verger.

In short, the rights to the stories and characters within the franchise are currently divided, which makes the storytelling that much more complicated. While the producers of Clarice have the rights to everything that is initially described in The silence of the lambs, the NBC producers Hannibal Own the rights to the stories and characters portrayed in Hannibal, Red Dragon, Y Hannibal rising. As a result, Clarice Starling is absent from NBC. Hannibal and Mason Verger won’t appear on CBS’s Clarice.

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The notable lack of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who acted as a perfectly disturbing foil for Clarice Starling, leaves CBS Clarice feeling somewhat incomplete. Mason Verger’s absence weighs heavily on the series as well – Verger was not only a deplorable and intriguing inclusion in the franchise, but he was also a focal point in Hannibal the only other novel and film to feature Clarice Starling besides The silence of the lambs.

Let’s analyze who Mason Verger is, what makes him influential in the Hannibal The history and fandom of the universe, and why it’s really a shame her character doesn’t appear in the latest installment of the franchise.

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3 Hannibal (2001)

Mason Verger first appeared on the big screen in Ridley Scott’s 2001 film adaptation of Hannibal. Verger is unique in that he is one of the only known individuals to survive after being tormented by Hannibal Lecter. Audiences learn about Verger’s backstory during the film. In short, he is a known pedophile with a history of torturing animals and emotionally and sexually abusing his sister. Verger is eventually caught and arrested, but receives little in the way of punishment for his heinous crimes: He is provided community service and court-ordered therapy sessions led by Dr. Hannibal Lecter himself.

Instead of making a typical psychiatric appointment, Lecter opts to brutally torture Verger. The experience leaves him paralyzed from the waist down and without an eye. Skin grafts cover what is left of your face. Eventually the two men become mortal enemies. Unlike Lecter’s previous victims, viewers are far more likely to support Hannibal against someone as relentlessly vile as Mason Verger.

two NBC’s Hannibal, Season 2

Verger first hits the small screen during NBC’s second season Hannibal played by Michael Pitt. The series features him before his fateful encounter with Lecter. This adaptation allows more room to expand on the details of the Thomas Harris novels. Throughout your time Hannibal Verger becomes the most vile person in the series. Considering that the show is about a cannibalistic serial killer, it’s amazing that anyone could be even more vile in comparison.

Mason Verger may have been an irredeemable human being in the 2001 film, but writer Bryan Fuller went even further to illustrate the depths of his depravity. Although the third season replaces actor Michael Pitt with Joe Anderson, the difference in appearance and performance is subtle. The exchange was made much easier as Lecter wounds Verger so badly in season 3 that his face is almost unrecognizable.

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1 NBC’s Hannibal, Season 3

Verger’s nauseating antics increased to 11 in Hannibal Season 3, and ranged from the surgical removal of his sister’s uterus to drinking the tears of his victims. While Fuller maintains much of HannibalWith the original story intact in the television retelling, some modified plots are just as hideous as they are in Harris’s novels. For example, the season 3 finale, “Digestive,” revolves around the reproductive organs of his sister and her domestic pigs. It is easily one of the most disturbing stories ever told on television.

Ultimately, what makes Mason Verger so terrifying is that his evil cannot be reasoned out or stopped without drastic action. He lacks compassion or remorse and even derives unhealthy pleasure from the suffering of others. If Verger appeared in Clarice, he could become the most hideous villain on the show with ease. All in all, it’s disappointing that Clarice Starling is unlikely to hunt down this unrepentant villain herself in the foreseeable future.

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