The latest issue of Iron Man hints at the return of the forgotten powers that Hellcat began developing while training with a classic Avenger.

WARNING: Iron Man # 7 spoilers from Christopher Cantwell, CAFU, Frank D’Armata and Joe Caramagna of VC follow, on sale now.

Iron Man and Hellcat have been through a lot together, especially since they recently teamed up against the almighty Korvac. However, outside of this battle, the two go back many years together.

Iron Man was present when Patsy Walker became Hellcat in Avengers # 144 by Steve Englehart and George Perez. He was also there when Hellcat began to develop a close relationship with Moondragon.

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Iron Man and Hellcat

As Iron Man heads off to fight Korvac in space with his band of misfit soldiers, he reminded Hellcat of a power he once possessed that has all but disappeared over the years. These are psionic powers that have often hurt her more than they have helped her in many cases. While Hellcat’s psionic powers were never fully developed, they have come back into play in the Iron Man series, as Korvac has used them to connect with Hellcat, often with his pain and suffering. Now, Iron Man wants Hellcat to take these powers out of storage and use them to put them in position to defeat Korvac.

It was Moondragon who enhanced these psionic powers through titanic technology. These powers were more than Hellcat bargained for, as he could not predict or understand how and when to use them, and he often accidentally used them against his own friends. An example was in Defenders # 64 when Blob was trying to kill her by choking her to death, and her mental powers kicked in and knocked out everyone around her, including her own teammate Hercules. It also left her with a migraine, and she realized that these powers were traumatic for her in the long run. There are subconscious barriers placed in your mind, and as you told Iron Man when he asked you, your psionic “driver’s license” was revoked. However, the powers are still there, although they don’t come close to the level they once were.

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Hellcat and Korvac

Iron Man mentioned that Hellcat was a “mind warrior once”. As Korvac already reached out and made contact, Hellcat was able to go back and get it to work to help Iron Man. When he reached out and contacted Korvac, he explained that when he reached into his mind, “he shook the pot of the old mind. ” Korvac was angry that she invaded his mind, and he became even more angry when he realized that she could take Iron Man for the trip. This was unusual for Hellcat, as she had the power to control her psionic powers and the added ability to bring someone with her into someone else’s mental landscape.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out so well. It seems that Iron Man is pushing Hellcat harder and harder, and while she has clearly fallen in love with him, he seems more determined to use her to get what he wants. She almost died after a battle with Korvac that left her badly injured, but Tony kept pushing her into battle with Korvac, leading the villain to get into her mind and almost breaking her in a subsequent battle. Now, Hellcat uses the powers that nearly destroyed her in the past to enter Korvac’s mind, and it ended with the disappearance of Iron Man and Korvac kicking Hellcat out of her mind, knocking her unconscious. However, with Moondragon popping up in the preview for the next issue, Hellcat might finally be getting the help it needs.

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