There are fans who have doubts about Kendall Jenner’s relationships. These KUWTK viewers think romances don’t quite ring true.

Some keeping up with the Kardashians Viewers believe that Kendall Jenner’s romances are fake. Anything is possible and the evidence may be out there, but there is no hard evidence. If the allegations are true, Kendall is probably the best actress on the show. This could help explain his burgeoning career and dominance on social media.

Jenner is currently promoting her small batch tequila business, 818 Tequila. She is also supporting her sister Kylie (who boosted Kendall’s confidence in high school) as the Kylie Cosmetics queen works on her thriving YouTube career. Meanwhile, she is dating professional basketball player Devin Booker and has become more public with him than with other love interests. This makes fans wonder if the relationship is really a PR tool. This is not the first time that Kendall has been the subject of speculation that her romances are fake. These allegations date back several years and began after she broke up with Julian Brooks.

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According to Nicki swift, Kendall and Julian Brooks seemed to really be in love with each other before splitting up in 2013, and not just because of the boost their romance gave them both on social media. After they broke up, Kendall alleged that Brooks cheated on her. The outlet reported that this seemed strange as their breakup was made public and the Instagram images seemed to tell a very different story.

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Rumors even spread that Kendall, who now thinks that ending KUWTK It is the right decision, he preferred women and used fake relationships with men to hide his sexuality, while secretly having a relationship with the model / actress Cara Delevingne. An inside source claimed Delevingne was helping Kendall come to terms with her sexuality, again according to Nicki swift. This rumor doesn’t make a lot of sense, as the Kardashian-Jenner family would probably be perfectly fine with Kendall’s departure. The theory that you kept the relationship to get media exposure may be more credible.

Kendall has admitted that she has lied before and likes to lie. This is how she could have been arrested when her PR team claimed she was with Nick Jonas. Jonas was seen with Kate Hudson around that time and he doesn’t seem like the type to entertain himself. It is also difficult to verify the truth about a romance when the other party is silent, except in the occasional post.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the rumors about the show were true and Kendall, who recently admitted to having a baby fever, was playing at being in love with cameras. After all, a good part of keeping up with the Kardashians focused on the ups and downs of the family, live on camera. Romance is also part of that drama, and the Kardashians know how to be the center of attention to achieve their goals. We’ve seen moments that appear to be genuine, but it’s hard to say exactly what is real.

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Source: Nicki swift

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